Miscellany Monday//7.30.12

Monday, July 30, 2012

1. C L E A N I N G. A lot. New school year means new books, new work spaces, etc. And how do you get that? With lots of cleaning. :)

2. You know that mint nail polish that I have been talking about? Yeah, I've been wearing it for about two weeks straight. That's how much I love it. #sallyhansenmintsorbet

3. Camera's back! Yep, I'm taking pictures again. Which makes me incredibly happy, of course. I have a few photos from my dear Momma's birthday (saturday, yesterday), along with some random shots that I took because I had that "I want to take a picture, but I don't know what of," feeling. I'm not the only one, right?

4. I am finally realizing the importance of branding. And how I haven't really branded this blog and my design blog to be compatible with each other. And so now I'm getting onto that. :) Get ready for some big changes 'round here!

5. I am hosting a button swap! Basically, everyone who wants to join will shoot me an email with their name and blog link. On August 1st, I will be accepting no more guests, so hurry up! All those participating will get a partner, (chosen by random.org) and the two will swap buttons, and feature each other in a post on their respective blogs. Participants will have the whole month of August to do their post. ;) If you want to join in the fun, email me (hedesignsblog@gmail.com) and I'll add you to the guest list.

6. This book is beautiful, and so are the quotes. Ronald Reagan was such an inspiring American.

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  1. Ronald Reagan is a very inspiring man. The best president we have ever had in the modern-day. :]

  2. loving all of those quotes. and i really need to get myself some mint nail polish. adore!
    xo TJ

  3. Okay, I need to get that book. Wonderful words by a strong president. =]

  4. Ronald Regan was a very inspiring man and I almost named our Kelcee Regan it came in a close second! Yay for cleaning getting ready for the new semester and super yay for finding your camera!

    1. Actually, it wasn't lost - my dad was using it though, so I wasn't able to use it for a time. :)

  5. LOVE that nail polish color! I want it!

  6. I seriously love that book. So neat.
    I love reading your blog!!


  7. Cool book! I haven't seen one like that before, but the font, images keep your attention really well. Sometimes my eyes get bored when reading regular books haha!

    I found your blog from the lowercase letters link party. Your newest follower!

  8. i seriously love mint right now. i don't have anything in mint, but i want something! can't wait to see what new changes you have in store. : )


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