Actually Finishing Something July//Week 4

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As many of y'all know, I participated in Actually Finishing Something July last month. Katie, you are a life-saver. I don't think I ever would have even started this book without motivation. 

week 4 questions:

Were you able to reach and finish your July writing goal? 
Sort of...I didn't get as many words as I wanted, but ultimately, I got the beginning jump-started, which was vital. ;)

If you did not fully complete your goal, were you able to make progress in your project?
Yes, and a lot of it. 

What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July?
Staying disciplined. Which is my usual problem...

Did you maintain a writing schedule? How often did you write to meet your goal? Did you write into the wee hours of the morning, or wake up extra early to write? 
Not really...I just wrote when I felt a surge of inspiration, or when I had spare time. For the most part, I was writing in the afternoon. Though I *love* writing in early morning, I couldn't seem to rise myself after staying up until 12 watching the Olympics, the last week. :D

List the three musical tracks that most inspired your writing this July. Tell us why they inspired you and how they fit with your story.
"Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot. This is the soundtrack of Ara's life. I tell ya. 
"Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele. Because it captures a certain scene of mine quite expertly.
"Safe" by Natalie Grant. I love this song. That's why. :)  

As you wrote, did you come across any component of your story that changed or surprised you? Plot-twists, Grand-New-Ideas!, new characters?
Yes! I got a grand-new-idea from the Aneid, when my father read a portion of it at the dinner table.  

Choose and share your three favorite pieces of descriptive writing you penned for the challenge. 
Buildings were abandoned, their doors still wide open. The ground was littered with food and random objects. Dust and dirt covered everything. Some of the houses must have been ransacked by thieves, for their windows and door handles had been removed, and anything of value was gone. The furnaces in every house were cold, and filled with the black dust of coal unused. I wandered about the village, reliving old memories of parties and gatherings in the town square, in the very spot in which I was standing.  -Winter Wings, Ara

Nights were never short these days. They were either spent wide awake, glaring at the cobweb infested ceiling, or in and out of precious sleep that never seemed to stay, sometimes plagued with a plethora of nightmares, but the only respite I could manage to attain. The times when my sleep was infiltrated with those colorful dreams that I dreaded so, those ones that never could quite manage to be pleasant, were the worst. I much preferred staring up at the rotten wood until the sun scraped up into the early morning sky, than be victim to the intense imagery that my brain created to entertain me as I slept, and gave me fearful chills in the mornings to come. -Winter Wings, Ara

But instead of the comforting, rich smell that usually greeted me when I entered was gone. It was replaced with the sickening scent of nearby smoke. Smoke! My heart stopped dead in it’s ever-slowing tracks just for one moment, and I froze. My head began pounding as the toxic fumes entered my system by way of my lungs. Part of me wanted to run out of the place as fast as my legs could carry me, but I couldn’t seem to rip my eyes from the large, red flames looming into my view. Dread filled me as the prospect of my family being in the burning building became apparent. -Winter Wings, Ara

Share the meanest, most unfeeling line said by one of your characters from your July writing.
“No, of course not.” I snap. And then I am shocked at how easily the rude remarks came to me, so natural, almost…familiar.  I had grown indifferent in a matter of months, and now I was harsh in a matter of days. The transformation of my character had been unprecedented to me, but surely I wasn’t the first. - Winter Wings, Ara

Pick one of your favorite characters from your July writing. Describe his/her wardrobe. Share how this character would dress is he/she were living in the year 2012 (or, if your character already dwells in the 2000's, describe how he/she would dress if he/she lived in the time period of your choice). 
Hmm...I like Ara, but my favorite character is probably Zenobia. She would definitely be wearing something slightly bohemian, and slightly modern (her style is very similar to mine). Something, perhaps, like this...

Pick your all-time favorite bit of July writing and share it with us. Tell us why the passage is your favorite. 
“Then goodbye,” she says, obeying my command. But her voice is so detached, I have to wonder if it actually came from her. And then I take my leave. - Winter Wings, Adair

I probably love this line because I love working with Adair. He's a great guy, really, he just needs a little work. ;) Not to mention the fact that I love this scene.

Bonus Question! What was your favorite part of Actually Finishing Something July? 
It was all rather fun, actually. :) I loved answering the questions, being prompted to write, all of it. Do this again next year, please? :)


  1. Loved this, Bree... especially the three descriptive pieces you chose to share! You worded it so nicely with - ahem - a lot of description! :-)

    This July Writing Venture was a blast, and I enjoyed reading your posts for it! Keep up the good work with your writing, and best wishes for it!



  2. i am always impressed by your motivation to write. you are gifted. oh! i'm all about tribal prints.

  3. This was a great post! I really enjoy writing too!

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog ;-)

    I awarded you @ my blog, please check it out here:



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