Button Swap

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I belive I mentioned earlier, perhaps in a postscript that I am hosting a button swap. August first has rolled around (way too soon, I might add.) passed, and it's time for y'all to read all the lovely button-swappers' posts, which should be popping up all around the blogosphere for the month of August.

A bunch of sweet friends of mine are joining me in this, to make it even more fun. Just to give you a taste, we have Hannah, Brianna, Jenny, and Melody. Oh, and loads more. I assure you, this will be fun. :)

Here's the gist of things: I emailed a bunch of bloggers, got up a bit of a guest list, and partered each of them up. Now each pair will swap buttons with each other, and feature/interview each other on their respective blogs.

So blog-button-swappers, go ahead and put up your posts, linking back here. And readers, go ahead and read them.

Oh, and I guess watching the Olympics would be a good idea too. Because watching Michael Phelps win gold medals is always a good idea.

blog-button-swappers, link up below. :)


  1. Hey Bree, could you make a way for us all to see each others' posts, not just the person we swapped with? (Like perhaps put up a linky from this post so we can get to all the posts from one place.) Thanks so much for hosting this! I'm having a blast. :)


    1. thank you - that was a great idea, Melody! :) I added a link-up.

    2. Awesome! Might be good to email everyone so they know about it, too. :)


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