How I Edit Photos

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Okay, a couple people have requested this, and I've been thinking of doing it myself for some time, so suffice it to say, this post has been on my to-do list for a little while!

I don't do anything special with my photos - just a little tweaking here and there, maybe a crop. For me, a good photo is one that doesn't need much editing at all.

One more thing: I use Picasa 3 for Mac to edit all my photos. I know how to do almost the same things in Gimp, and Photobucket (they've really upgraded, y'all!) but I have not the pleasure of knowing how to work Photoshop. Yet. :) This tutorial will be for Picasa, but if you have questions, I can do some translating for you down in the comments.

1. Open up the program.

2. Open your photo. I'm working on this pointe shoe photo that I took a few days ago, that will be featured in an upcoming post. :)

3. What I usually do next, with shots taken in this type of lighting is lighten it up. I know some people prefer the shadowy type of photo, and those do look really cool, but I personally prefer bright, vibrant photos. :)

4. Now, I have a ton of flat space in the front that {I think} is unnecessary. Croppitty-crop.

5. For this specific photo, I'm gonna go ahead and make it black & white. 

6. Now we're gonna go ahead and add some shadows. For the most part, I try to be very sparing with this - a little goes a long way with shadows. But, for this particular photo, I really wanted to portray the emotion and strength of dance. And the heavy shadows really seemed to do that for me...

7. Watermark & save! See, I told you it was easy. :)

And that's how I edit my photos. :) Was this helpful to you? How do you edit your photos?


  1. i know almost nothing about photo editing. i basically just crop and maybe lighten in iPhoto. i really need to learn some better programs! Great photo, i used to be a dancer as well :)

  2. This was SO helpful! I love learning new ways to edit photos! I usually just do basic adjustments of contrast and brightness through photoshop. It's fun to mix it up now and then. :)

  3. beautiful, thanks for the tips!

  4. i found this incredibly helpful, thanks!


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