September Snippets

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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It's that time again! Time for me to share my favorite snippets of my writing lately, and time for you to tell me your honest opinion. ;)

Early mornings are my favorite. The sun creeps up the sky, tinting it a shy, hesitant pink that grows ever bolder with the passing moments. Ever so slowly it climbs, until all at once the sky is on fire with yellow light that touches everything with its golden fingertips. -Zenobia, Winter Wings

I stand up from my table, brush off my large skirts with quick movements of the hand that have proven to be most effective, glance at my reflection in the mirror, and, when I feel quite satisfied with my appearance, go and open the door. -Zenobia, Winter Wings

“The hot soup scorched my icy throat, but it warmed my numb stomach as well, for which I was grateful.” - Ara, Winter Wings

I clasp the coin in my hand for several moments, and close my eyes, remembering. A soft tear slips slowly down my cheek, and I sigh. -Ara, Winter Wings

Why does everything about his demeanor have to be so insipid? I wonder to myself, and fiddle with the tassel on a nearby cushion. The gold strands slide effortlessly through my fingers with the smoothness of satin. I wrinkle my nose and sigh. -Zenaide, Winter Wings

“I apologize, Sir Winston.” I say, sighing slightly. “I am distracted today, and am not in the mind to listen to reading today.”
“Do not apologize, my lady. My reading has yet to become great.” For a moment, I feel sympathetic: of all the suitors I have gone through, from introductions to refused proposals of marriage, I know Winston’s will be the hardest. He is a kind man, and very apologetic. I would hate to break his heart, though my allegiance and tenderness lie elsewhere. -Zenaide, Winter Wings

So, which is your favorite?


  1. I <3 the first one! The snippet about early mornings.

    Did you write all of these?

    ~Kate @ in pursuit

    1. Thank you! Yes, these are all snippets from my most recent writing. :)

  2. definitely the 3rd one! so vivid.

  3. I enjoyed the first one immensely. Good description. The last one is well done also, but the second sentence should say "today" only once. :-) Is that allowed? My mom and dad are great editors and I'm afraid it has rubbed off on me. :-)

    1. You're right - I actually edited that sentance in my actual document after re-reading that and finding it redundant. :D
      Thank you for the feedback!


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