hello October, goodbye September

Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello October,
I like you. I'm starting to see your leaves turn yellow, which makes me happy. The weather's grown a little chilly-er, and it's very windy. Not to mention rainy. Though at times I know I'll feel confined by the weather, I love it at the moment, because rain is always good writing weather. And I like writing. :)

Goodbye September.
You were a nice month, but perhaps a bit too fast. I'm convinced that the older I am, the faster you fly. I guess I'm going to have to get used to it. True, I will probably miss your comfortable 70 degree weather that is the norm down here in the south, once the bitter winter months strike, but at the moment, I'm glad the weather's finally chilling down. :)

Can you believe it's October already?

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  1. I know --seems like everybody was just planting their gardens and now HARVEST is coming to a close!:O But its okay with me -- after a hot suffocating New England summer a cool, crisp Autumn is always nice!;)
    Your photography is stunning!

  2. This is lovely, dear! <3
    "I love it at the moment, because rain is always good writing weather. And I like writing."
    I feel the exact same way. The best writing always comes from a rainy day!

    No, I can't believe it's October! Really, where did September run off to?

    Excellent post, Bree.


  3. I am so excited it's finally October! Joy of my life, these fallish months.

  4. October is the best month!! That and December. :) Love the rose photo!

  5. gorgeous captures. it is finally below 85 here today... so it is beginning to feel a bit like fall. GLORY!


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