Miscellany Monday

Monday, October 22, 2012

1. I've been trying to find time to scramble up some guest posters while I'm away for the month of November (a.k.a. doing NaNoWriMo ;D). I sent out an email to some of y'all's inboxes, but if I missed you, comment below or email me (hedesignsblog@gmail.com) - I'd love to have some of y'all post! :)

2. So it's 80 degrees. In October. I can't decide whether to love it or hate it. I mean...I love summer. But it's autumn. And I really want to wear my reindeer sweater, fuzzy socks, and leg warmers. Anyone agree?

3. Speaking of autumn, I finally contrived a bordeaux color with which to paint my nails. That is to say, I mixed red, brown, and purple nail polishes in a plastic bowl, and painted my nails. The results? Fantastic. I'd show you a picture of the lovely color, but my camera battery is dead and I'm feeling lazy. ;)

4. Saturday was my birthday (the 20th of October) and so we celebrated by visiting a nearby vineyard. Gah, it's so beautiful. If I hadn't been so busy chatting with my dear friends, I would have taken pictures. But I was chatting. So y'all will have to suffer with me. :(

5. Hate to bombard you, but...I'm preparing some more sessions of Beautiful People, to be posted during the month of November. It fits the writing theme, so why not? :)

6. In case anyone was wondering why the my design site has been down (and still is) I'm re-designing. You guessed, right? I have oh-so-many plans up in the noggin'...just you wait 'till it's re-opened...oh yes...you shall see...okay, I'm done. ;)

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  1. Lovely pictures, dear! And Happy Birthday!! :) What "number" was it? :) Looking forward to more "Beautiful People" actually. I always enjoy reading them. xx

  2. Happy belated birthday and I love your photos.

    Stopping by from Miscellany Monday linkup.


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