October Snippetties

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It is once more the time for my monthly writing snippets! :) Here are a few lines of the words I cherish so...
I see a glint of recognition in his steady brown eyes, and I know that what I’ve said went straight to poor Favian’s heart. All I can do is hope that I didn’t hurt him...He rides off, leaving me dumbfounded, and because I know nothing else, I burst into unrelenting tears, the kind that made you practically hysterical, the type that flow like a river, and are impossible to stop of your own accord. -Ara Isolde, Winter Wings 
“True love will last, my dear. I promise you. If it does not last, it is not love.” If it doesn’t last, it’s not love, I think. And then I remember Adair. -Ara Isolde, Winter Wings
“Ara,” I think. What is she doing here? Is that really her - it couldn’t be! And if it is her…my thoughts run amuck, and I walk to the little window beside my bed, forgetting the atmosphere around me. -Zenaide, Winter Wings
The man closes the trapdoor, my only light in the dank hold, and with it takes my hope, leaving me alone with my thoughts in the darkness. 
One particularly vivid though penetrates my brain: I never asked him his name. - Ara Isolde, Winter Wings
With a quick heel-rotation, I assess the ocean in the anterior of my person. There is no land in sight. Turning once more to the ocean at hand, I see that an endless blue separates me from my beautiful homeland. At the helm of the ship, yet another mammoth wave stands up to face our brave captain, scraping at the dark grey skies that have formed over us like a formidable blanket. It seems to stare the old man straight in his fiery blue eyes, daring him to dive into the murky grey-blue depths. -Ara Isolde, Winter Wings
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  1. Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Blog: Oh it's Juno

  2. Hi!! I just found your blog from the Fashion and Faith site (LOVE it by the way!) I love that second quote "if it does not last, it is not love" :)

  3. You are an amazing writer Bree!


  4. The "if it does not last, it is not love" quotes is just perfect.


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