when autumn came to the south

Monday, October 15, 2012

It may be a little strange, but down here in the south, Autumn doesn't usually come on time. In fact, it's not usually until the middle of October that the weather really starts cooling down, and the trees start wearing their regal orange, red and yellow robes. And even then, our colors are not so vivid as you might find in New England: yellows and browns and maybe a few oranges are our main palette. Yet, I am partial to southern falls. The weather is a delightful mix of wind and 50 degrees. *sigh*

What's fall like where you live? Do you get brilliant colors?


  1. Mmmm excellent pictures, Bree! :) Where I come from (which is Iowa btw) we have lovely colors but not as stunning as other places though.

  2. Maryland does fall well. It starts in the end of September with cool weather and yellow leaves. By the time we get home from vacation it's cold at nights but still fairly mild (50s) during the day. Now, in mid October, the trees are in full force of color and we've already have several frosts. By November all the leaves will be gone and we will be settling down for a long and cold winter. However, all that said, yesterday we had a heat wave and it was 75! :O UNHEARD OF! But still a nice little treat and it did make tearing out all our vegetables garden more fun :)

  3. Hmmm... FALL. :) These pictures are so lovely, too, Bree! :) Fall comes rather later in Arizona--although the mornings are cool, and the animals water is frozen in the morning, our apricot/cherry tree's leaves aren't falling yet; not even changing. Where we live {in the mountains}, there are a lot of pine/pinon trees, so we don't get a whole lot of color, but not too far away are the aspen trees, and they change gloriously. :)

    Loving that last picture. :)




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