When I Write

Saturday, October 06, 2012

(continuing the "write" series. Read the previous posts here & here.)

So, when do I write?

-At night. I get random ideas and have to scribble them down on the nearest pice of paper with the nearest pen. And hope that my writing is legible enough that I can translate it into my writing journal in the morning.

-At school. More specifically, my homeschool group. We meet up once a week, and I am fortunate enough to have a study hall. And you know what that means: writing! No, I don't bring my computer, but I do have a writing notebook (read here about how I customized my spiral-bound notebook to make it extra special) that I bring with me everywhere.

-At home. Whenever I have spare time, I open up my (rather large) document and type away. Recently, it's been a lot of typing up what I've already written in my notebook, but that's just because my only secured hour of free time is in study hall. And, as stated before, we can't have computers in study hall. :)

-At dance. Whenever I have an hour or so off between classes, and on days I've remembered my notebook (it doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd wish) I scribble away same as at school. And I try not to get ink on my tights. ;D

So, I basically write all the time. ;) I guess that's typical for a writer, eh? Speaking of which, get this: I haven't had but a very slight case of writers block since I started my novel Winter Wings in July. How snazzy is that? God is so, so good to me. *heart*
So now the question is:
w h e n   d o   y o u   w r i t e ?

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  1. it seems as of late my mind has been swirling with ideas at night - my notebooks are filled with nighttime scribbles. *smile*

    thank you so much for the sweet notes that you always leave in my garden walk! you're a dear. ;)

    love ya,

  2. i write creatively when the mood strikes, so it's never a thing i make myself do. i do blog everyday--even if i don't publish, i'm coming up with ideas--currently enough for over 2 years worth. no writer's block here. following ya now :)

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  4. I just write whenever I feel like it tbh.


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