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Friday, October 19, 2012

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This is where I introduce to you all my favorite characters in a nutshell. This post might get long. You have been warned.

Ara Isolde. { w i n t e r   w i n g s }
My most well-known protagonist, emotional-hearted, easily confusing, and girl after my own heart. Ara is a very slender girl, around five feet and five inches, with bones that would rather jut out than lay flat and elegant like most lady's. She is the daughter of a dead lord and expected to marry, though she loathes the idea - arranged marriages are the fashion. She can constantly be found with the child she has taken under her wing, Kaitlyn, or out-of-doors. Anywhere secluded and beautiful fills her hearts with warmth. She a fierce protector of those she loves, and has a fiery passion that matches the reddish undertones in her long blonde locks. She tends to sulk when circumstances are not favorable.

Tarquin Cromwell. { w i n t e r   w i n g s }
Tarquin is the antagonist of Winter Wings. He has a very comtrolled demeanor, but when irritations build up, they are the straws that break the camel's back; he does not handle multiple frustrations well. His dark, amber eyes tell of his unfortunate past, and his slight accent is that of a sea-born boy. No one knows what the pale scar of his left forearm is from, but some suspect he was beaten as a child. He lives alone in the northeast mountains of Vita Anima.

Zelina. { t h a t   u n n a m e d   n o v e l }
Zelina is the spark of fire in a dark night, the red dress in a swarm of grey-colored clothing, and the sunshine bursting through on a cloudy day. Her hair is a bright fiery-red mane, curly and very long. Her eyes are a rich, vivid green, with a hint of blue swirled somewhere in their oceanic depths. Zelina is optimistic, hopeful, and encouraging. It takes a heavy hand to steady her travelling heart and joyful spirit. She longs for love, but bides her time with horse riding, dreaming of the day when her prince will come.

Favian Kirkwood. {w i n t e r   w i n g s }
Man, I love this guy. He is cheerful without being ridiculous. He is loving without being obsessive. He is gentle, without being unmanly, and is manly without being rough. Favian's main weakness is his protective nature. He hates to see anything - from the smallest animal to the largest woman - suffer. As a result, he tends to over-protect. His hair is a bit long and unattended to. It is of no interesting color: a simple brown is all a man could ask for anyway. He is rather tall and quite lean. Living in the forest on your own means does that to one, you know.

Okay, maybe that wasn't as long as I anticipated. Of course, I've barely scratched the surface of all those story-full characters inside my head, but you get the idea. ;)

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  1. Your characters sound amazing and I just read the exerpt you let us read of Winter Wings..it's AMAZING and can I just moan for a minute..that excerpt was wwwaaaayyy too small!!! lol I want moorreee!
    I'm a new follower!
    Check out my blog sometime too!

  2. Oh my goodness, girl. You know what I like about you? You ARE a writer. Homeschooled girls that think they can write novels are a dime a dozen these days. It's annoying. But you...your imagination and passion...you inspire me!


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