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Sunday, November 11, 2012

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It's definitely not something I'm prolific at, but it's something that is very important to me all the same. Differing between characters. How do you do it, make your characters different, but not obnoxiously so? Let me tell you the things I've learned so far.

1. Know your characters. How can you distinguish between them, if you hardly know them? A great way to learn more about your characters is to ask them questions, and write down their answers. (What is their reaction to impending danger? What inspires them? When was the last time they had chocolate? When was the last time you had choc--you get my point. ;D)
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2. Don't make them cliche. Okay, so we all know those types of characters. The red-heads with green eyes and a fiery spirit. The blondes with blue eyes and less intelligence than your average person. The young man with brown curly hair, handsome brown eyes, and an intelligent outlook on life. Catch my drift? Try to find something unique about your character, without making them unrealistic. Maybe the redhead has brown eyes, and her spirit is not so fiery as would be expected. Perhaps the young man with curly brown hair has amber eyes and a simple outlook on life. Whatever they are, find some differences, and be sure to point them out.

3. Have some similarities. Yes, I did just say that. You want your characters to be different, but polar opposites? Not always. Especially when you realize that each character can have only one polar opposite. Uhuh, time to pull out the similarities! They don't have to be big in any sense, but still obvious. Keep in mind that it's really difficult to find someone who disagrees with you on everything, doesn't look a smidgen like you, and thinks completely different than you. It's just not normal. :)

Have any tips that weren't covered? Do tell! :)


  1. Nice post dear :)

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  2. Good show, old bean! I agree heartily with all three points, and I especially appreciated the third one because it shows a decent handle on anthropology and The Way Things Are. You said it so well, I hate to beat a dead horse, as it were. I'll just stick on my little stamp of approval (for what it's worth - it's shiny and looks nice) at the end of this and throw up a link to it on Facebook. 'Cause I like this post that much. ^.^

  3. Where on earth did you find the first picture? It's so...enchanting. And very lovely.
    Did you take that photograph yourself? :)
    Nice tips, Bree!

    ---->> Kate

    1. Unfortunately, I cannot lay claim on the lovely photograph at the beginning of the post. :/ I found it on pinterest, as well as the second photo. :)

      Thank you!


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