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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Bree asked me to guest-post for her during her grand NaNo adventures, I agreed, but I was at a complete loss at what to write. While she surmounts tall summits of inspiration and trudges through deep valleys of writer's block; I am here to cheer her on in her grand ventures. When November comes around I become soaked in nostalgia that reminds me of my past NaNoing days... those endless days and sleepless nights and too much coffee and that moment when my characters became a reality in my mind and my heart and when I didn't want it to end... Anyway, I digress.

When Bree asked me to write a post for all of you, I considered talking about writing, but my novel-writing days have been lost and buried under mounds of textbooks and heaps of college essays that need to be written. There is just no time for fifty-thousand words in a month when your professor demands essays that are due every weekend. So, to my utter chagrin, I decided not to share my thoughts on writing. There are plenty of other people far more qualified to do that.

Suffering from just an all-around lack-of-inspiration, I decided to write about Christmas. Everybody loves Christmas and I like to write about things that people love. "Perfect." I thought to myself. "I'll write about Christmas and everyone will be happy." Because, I also like to write about things that make people happy. (You know, things like sunshine and babies and hedgehogs and tea and the color orange... things like that.)

Suddenly, inspiration hit. There are many metaphors that I could chose, but "like a lightening-bolt" would be the most fitting. I was finally listening to Christmas music for the first time of the season and I heard the following lyrics:

Could've come like a mighty storm, with all the strength of a hurricane 
You could've come like a forest fire, with the power of heaven in Your flame 
But You came like a winter snow, quiet and soft and slow 
Falling from the sky in the night, to the earth below 

You could've swept in like a tidal wave or an ocean to ravish our hearts 
You could have come through like a roaring flood, to wipe away the things we've scarred 
But You came like a winter snow
You were quiet, You were soft and slow 
Falling from the sky in the night, to the earth below 

Your voice wasn't in a bush burning 
Your voice wasn't in a rushing wind 
It was still 
It was small 
It was hidden.

(lyrics from the song winter snow by audrey assad)

something about that imagery stayed with me and buried itself, nestled in the corners on my thoughts; woven into my every-present thoughts. Our Saviour could have chosen to come like a mighty storm or with the strength of a hurricane. Instead, though, He came as a whisper... soft, slow, and quiet as a winter snow and that is the most beautiful and the most amazing and the most precious gift of all.

Bree, I wish you well on your writing expedition and, to the rest of you, I pray that each and every one of you has a very merry Christmas filled with the love of Christ.


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  1. Cassandra, I loved this. <3 Winter Snow has been one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs and I was going to perform it for my graduation, but alas, I couldn't find any type of karaoke track to it.


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