Winter wardrobe must-haves, 2013

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This fall has been all about the lace-up boot. Rugged-chic, casual-feminine, classy yet trendy--they are a style I'm really excited to see through winter! There are SO many endless possibilities for this amazing trend, from a quick jaunt to the supermarket (ok, so they take awhile to lace, but the look is totally worth the effort!) to a cup of coffee with friends on the weekend. I absolutely love mine. 

Knee-length lace-ups look great with maxi OR shorter skirts; mid calf are adorable with open-work boot socks or opaque tights. I personally am a skirts-only girl, but lace-up's (booties!) with jeans is a fun option. Especially the new "pop", or colored jeans. 

Industrial Evolution Boot - perfect.Countryside Adventure Lace Up BootsTips for Travel Boot

There is nothing quite as classy as the beret. I chose mostly knitted styles for this post (my brain, computer, Polyvore, and websites-that-don't-let-one-"steal"-their-photos, have a love-hate relationship.) From slouchy "beanie" types to the crisp, "French" style, berets are cute, cover the messy hair-day, add flair to an otherwise simple outfit, and keep things fashionable without overdoing.

Cable-Knit Beret Yellow - One Size Reversible Crochet Beret Oasis Scatter Sequin BeretPink scatter pearl beret
Dorthy Perkins, Others unkown

Gloves (leather, fingerless)

Gloves have always been an essential part of the proper ladies wardrobe. We may not wear them on every occasion anymore, but when the cold weather sets in it's fun--and functional--to own a pair or two. Leather is of course a beautiful and classic choice. Pair them with heeled (leather) boots, denim, jeans, maxi skirts, capes, or fitted coats and jackets. Fingerless gloves are another trendy accessory that are super adorable and surprisingly warm. If you knit or crochet there are several patterns online; I love my mustard pair.

ALPO leather glovesJuicy Couture Colorblock Fingerless Gloves

Tights and/or boot-socks

Can't have lace-up's without boots socks, right? A friend of mine sent me a link to this Etsy shop, and I instantly fell in love. The prices are decent, considering they are handmade. And the muted, girly colors and old-world feel is just scrumptious! Could you imagine those buttons and perhaps a bit of lace peaking above your boots? Knitted socks are a total MUST this season.

Opaque tights are fail-proof--the perfect way to "pop" any outfit. I personally love the whimsy they add to the classic little black dress.

Nylon/Lycra Solid Color TightsSolid Color Tights
We Love Colors

Chunky sweaters

Personal experience: The Loft is the awesomest place to find carefree, chunky sweaters. Actually, if you are more of the Classic Girl you'll love everything from The Loft. I walked in there for the first time the other day (it happened to be Cyber Monday--everything store-wide was %50 off! o.O ) and nearly died. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for sales and consignment shop finds.

LOFT Petite Striped Cozy Cable SweaterLOFT Wide Striped Chunky Sweater

Sweaters are all the rage, from traditional cables to modern stripes. Fitted or over-sized, the look is up to you. Perfect for a day out with friends or a comfortable afternoon with your laptop, kitty, and cup of tea. 

Peplum tops

Mmmm. . .the dreamy, feminine, figure-flattering, elegant, vintage, positively perfect peplum top. Wear it with jeans or a straight, fitted maxi skirt (not A-line. Too much flair takes away from the natural figure and flattering lines of this style.)

Asos Sweater With Woven PeplumPolka dot spot peplum top

ASOS, Dorthy Perkins 

Layering t-shirts

It's important to keep a few snugly-fitting t-shirts handy for warmth and layering purposes. Neutral colors such as chocolate, black, muted purple, baby pink, mustard/mud, and cream are excellent choices.

Colored jeans 

Like I mentioned before, I'm not much of a pants gal; however the colored "pop" jeans (or "80's", as my mom says,) are adorable. Think mint, peach, and mustard. Pair with a chunky sweater and lace-up boots.

Else Jeans Skinny Jeans, Mint Green-Wash Colored-DenimFree People High Rise Colored Skinny7 For All Mankind Jeans, Skinny Ginger-Wash Colored-Denim Illusion Twill

Maxi skirts

If you are an all-skirts-gal, like me, you understand how difficult it is to keep warm in winter. (tip--fleece leggings.) Maxi skirts are a life saver. They are long enough to hide ghastly mismatched socks and cut back the chill; they flow and swish, are slimming, and elongate my figure. So much win in one skirt must be a good thing.

Orange Maxi Skirt With PleatsNude Maxi Skirt With Pleats

Chic nova

Honorable mentions: Peter-Pan collared blouses; cardigans; painter-tops; flats. Of course no winter wardrobe is complete without a dress coat. Personally I'm not a big fan of scarves--but if they must be worn, they should never draw away from your face or outfit. Too much accessorizing is an American misconception; scarves are not save-alls. A properly planned outfit, kept simple and accented with a few accessory pieces, (ie, gold or silver jewelry, small pops of color and/or one or two accent colors, etc,) will draw the viewer to YOU, no big, tacky scarf required.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's a bit jumbled together and rushed, but hopefully understandable. ;) Thank you so much dearest Bree for letting little 'ol me babel on your blog (I expect to read your NaNo masterpiece). I think I'll drink an extra cup of coffee tomorrow in your honor. 


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  1. yes, yes, yes. :) love these wardrobe future-additions. {*hopeful* future additions. *ahem*} ;) great post, Mich! fashion and different styles are so much fun.


  2. Love the post so much. It's so inspiring. I love the beret and sweater part :)


  3. Please keep posting things like this! This post popped up in my inbox and I was so surprised to see I love your taste in clothes (I'm pretty fussy) I've been keeping an eye out for cheap versions of the items you mentioned. I also loved the post 'These ladies have inspired my autumn/winter looks.


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