christmas cheer

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About two weeks ago we decorated our tree. This is probably my favorite part of the Christmas preparation, because the whole family always does it together, and we get to relive the stories that acompany each ornament. Of course, Chicago christmas music is playing in the background, (followed by a little Josh Groban) and coffee sits in mismatched mugs on end tables and precariously placed boxes. Daddy strings the lights, keeping us on our toes in anticipation as we will him to place them just right. And he does, somehow. Every year, too. Then out come the ornaments from their boxes that were once crisp and sturdy but now lie in a sunken-in dissaray, one that we can't bear to change for sentimental reasons. As we decorate, Ava weighing down the lower branches with paper stars and Momma adorning the higher ones with angels, crosses, and odd little trinkets that have accumulated over the years, we talk and tease. It's customary, my friends. ;) Then comes the star, and we all step back to admire our work. Daddy makes a comment about how the tree somehow manages to look the same every year, and we all have to smilingly agree, for it's true. Slowly we drift away from the room, but no amount of loneliness can smolder the light and exitement abounding through the house. It's on that day that Christmas truly begins for us. :)

What's your favorite form of Christmas cheer?


  1. Bree... your bokeh is stunning! I've been working with my camera, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do a shot like #9 in this post. When there is something else in the foreground for my camera to focus on, then I can get bokeh in the background, but, a whole tree of bokeh? Very well done. :D

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! If you have manual focus on your camera, completely unfocused will get you as much bokeh as possible. ;)

  2. Hey, girly! These are lovely! And your new blog design? Super cute. ;)

    Merry Christmas, sweet girl!


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