December Snippets

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time for December snippets! But before we start, I must confess...these snippets are not from this month. I actually haven't written anything this month, being that the coming dance recital, Christmas a week later, etc. have been vying for my time. It has taken everything in me to stay away from that document and focus on the important things: exam studying, and dance practice. I detest the former, but the only qualm I have with the latter is that it has come all too soon. Oh, and Christmas. Since when does Christmas happen in the end of October? Oh wait, it's December now...yikes.

In conclusion, most of these snippets come from November. In fact, all of them do. And as I previously mentioned, I haven't touched that document since November 30th, so things may be a bit...messy. Just tell me if I've gone off my rocker and need to rewrite those 50,000 words. You'll probably be right. ;)

Oh, and did you notice the new look? Yeah, this one will be staying. :)

Time is a funny thing. It will travel slowest when you need it most to break through the pull of gravity. And time will buzz by on those days when you wish you had more of it within your grasp. Principally, time goes speedy at any rate, and before you know it several days have been swept from your possession and are being taken far, far away to lands you cannot hope to find. -Ara, Psithurism
Not to mention a stop at the little stall at the end of third street, the one with the young lady selling all sorts of pretty things. I so rarely visit her stall, but each time is a pleasure. Sydni, her name is, and when she laughs her blonde waves shake like bells in the winds. Sydni laughs a lot, and her hair always appears to be waving a friendly ‘hello’ to you. -Ara, Psithurism
Within a few moments, Ara is awake, but she looks bad. Her eyes are dull and her face is still quite pale. Her poor little chapped hands are ghostly white, to match her face, and her cheeks look sunken in. -Adair, Psithurism
As I scuttle through town, holding Kaitlyn tightly to my neck, I become aware of open eyes, glowing like frightening stars in the poorly-lit streets. Instead of the quiet darkness that I imagined, taverns are still open, men are still up drinking, and the alleyways though dark, are quite alive with whispers, trades, and argument of some sort. I cower from the alleys in fright, and begin regretting this decision as I so often do, when an adventure comes to try my weak and fearful soul. -Ara, Psithurism
Kaitlyn stares a little too comprehendingly at me, for several long moments. I stare right back at her, unable to form words the multiple emotions swirling madly in my heart. -Ara, Psithurism
With all these dizzying facts about the life span of my provisions, my plan for ensuring healthy hydration at all times, along with a mental map of my trail in my head, I have left no room for spare thoughts. 
Even so, they manage to squish their way in. -Ara, Psithurism

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