O, Holy Night

Monday, December 24, 2012

The wind whistles sharps around the house, and with a deep breath you remember why your wearing those fuzzy socks. Outside, the world is a blurr of white and christmas lights, something you see at only one times of the year: Christmas. Your family surrounds you, all drinking hot cocoa. The sweet voices of "It's A Wonderful Life" ring throughout the house, filling your with excitement and anxiety for the coming day. You imagine that delicious lump at the end of your bed when you wake up, the crackling feeling of a stocking at your toes. And then, when the joys of stockings have been explored to their fullest, you head down the stairs and gasp, amazed at the beaty of the tree surrounded by presents. Is it possible that it gets better each year? And then comes the opening. Slowly, one by one, taking turns and exclaiming over each present. 

But that is not what Christmas is about. Somewhere, far off in a cold stable, a mother suffers through the difficulties of childbirth. No steriod has been given her to make the birth easier. No comfortable hospital bed is beneath her back, no nurse accompanies her. Her only companions are Joseph: her husband, the sheep, cow, and horses surrounding her watching in awe, and the Son of God now leaving her body.

And that is what Christmas is about. 
Merry Christmas, friends!
Now get off the computer and go give your family some love. :)

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