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Friday, December 28, 2012

song lyrics in title from "sailboats" by brooke fraser (one of my favorites). 

With the New Year nigh upon us, I have felt the urge for the past two days to voice my resolutions for this year. But more than that, to share my inspiration. Am I the only one who gets this mad inspiration every December 26th, this anticipation for the new year? This excitement to start afresh, do new things, learn new secrets about the world?

This year, this is what I'm excited about (in no particular order):

1. Editing and publishing Psithurism. (I'm almost finished with the first draft!)
2. Getting started on Gumusservi (I've written a few lines in a notebook, but that's all.)
3. Meeting new friends (you could be one of them!) and growing closer to old friends.
4. Working on some really fun projects I have in mind (nope, I won't tell you.)
5. Cleaning out my room/work space, getting rid of unnecessary junk (it piles up, you know).
6. Travelling and seeing new places (be still, my heart!).
7. Expanding my French vocabulary (I love learning, y'all.)
8. Finishing my Freshman year of high school (yep, I'm only 14. :))
9. Reading all those books on my reading list (it's rather long).
10. Getting closer to my Savior. <3 br=""> What are you excited about in the coming year? Any plans, hopes, aspirations?

p.s. Your feedback on The Hobbit was amazing. I guess I really should see it, huh? I've been wondering what those of y'all though about the amount of...content in Les Miserables, and whether it was worth it? Tell me; I want to hear all about it. :)


  1. Bree, I simply LOVED 'The Hobbit' you must, you MUST watch it! Elizabeth ought to watch it too =D. You both will be sure to love it. It is so touching and encouraging and humorous at times too. Bilbo you'll love dearly, and Thorin too... besides all the wonderful characters from 'The Lord of the Rings' that make reappearences in the film: Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, Sauruman and even for a little scene Frodo!! And watch it in 3D, I found no problem with it at all and I didn't feel dizzy one bit and neither were any of my family members though this was the first time we saw anything in 3D but we found it amazing and well done and bringing the film to life so vividly!!

    I love your new year resolutions by the way. All the best with them and may your year be blessed in the Lord!

    Happy New Year, Bree dear! <3 <3

  2. lovely post, Bree. I'm truly terrible at keeping up with blogs; don't think for a moment that it's because I don't care.
    enough of that.
    God truly bless your writing expeditions this year. :)
    the new (ish?) design for your blog is BEAUTIFUL. nice job.

    I thought there were some pretty awful scenes in Les Mis, but it also had beautiful cinematography and acting.

  3. Bree,
    We went to see Les Mis on Fri. It was absolutely outstanding!!! What those of us who went did, was we just admired the ceiling during Lovely Ladies (gag) and the scene directly afterward. The *only* other questionable content would be during Master of the House. They're just so obnoxious and there are a few inappropriate parts in the song.
    The movie on a whole is totally great, and the music, the acting, the down-to-earth heart-wrenching melodies... AH. :) They really did a excellent job showing the salvation message, and if you're ok with looking away during those specific parts, it's definitely worth seeing. :)
    Hope that was helpful!

  4. The Hobbit was amazing, I couldn't get enough of it. The film quality and special effects were absolutely outstanding, especially the 48-frame use instead of 24! I totally recommend it, so long as you can stand the typically ugly orcs, goblins, and (of course)Gollum.


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