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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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After much consideration, I have finally written up a series of branding posts. Branding is important, whether you are an author, blog designer, fashion blogger, or anything else - if you don't have something determinable that defines you and your blog, you end up blending in with the masses. And who wants that? 

Not me. ;)

I like DIYs. They're helpful & all that jazz. So, here is the first-ever (okay, I really doubt that) branding DIY! (As this is a lengthy topic, it will be split up over several posts. Stay tuned for parts, two, three, and maybe four.)

In order to have a good brand that defines who you are, you need to know who you are. This takes time, but it is the most important step. So don't skip it. ;) For me, this took about two months. I started off with a Pinterest board (everything great starts that way, dontcha know). On that board I pinned anything and everything that inspired me. Things that made me smile, things that reached into my heart effectively. 

I discovered that sunlight is a bit of an obsession of mine, that books are my oxygen, that the ocean can have novels hidden in its depths if only you look hard enough, that early mornings when the dawn cracks the blue sky into a golden haze make me yearn for summertime, that reflections are simply stunning, that maybe I want to live in the city, but I'll always love the south, always love the country, and always love the forest, that blue sings the same tune my soul does, & that lavender, baby chickens, iced coffee, sun flares, horizons, robin's eggs & macaroons are precious in all different ways. 

Make your board, pin your stuff, and see what you learn. It's a little bit fascinating, and a lot bit fun. 

Once you've pinpointed your character, write it down. Words, colors, random objects, emotions or actions...anything that you feel describes who you are, and what you want your brand to be. Writing it down is quite important: you need to make sure that it's not just this indescribable thing that is you: if you can't quite put your finger on it, wait a bit and research more. If you've been at it for months and you still can't get a few words down (keep in mind that it's not gonna be just one), ask some friends what they think describes you. It could be pictures, words, songs, whatever. Write those down too. Remember not to be swayed by fashionable things, things that will change in a year or two. Stick to those lasting loves (like coffee), the things that have always made you happy (like coffee) or things things that have always intrigued/excited you (like coffee). 

Excuse me, I need some coffee...come back for part 2, friend. ^_^

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  1. you bring up great points! branding takes time and it's not easy. i change my mind quite a lot so i think it's important to reflect the things that will always stay the same in your branding and stay away from "trends" as much as you can :)



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