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Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Ever since I finished the first draft of Psithurism (January 12th), I have been corresponding with some fifteen friends to have my book read and reviewed (basically, the dear girls are giving me editing advice). I don't want to get started on all that editing until I have a good round idea on what needs to be done.

In light of that, I started work on Gumusservi. I previously wrote a few small paragraphs here and there, but now I am starting to scribble out some semblance of an outline. It's going pretty well--so far, at least.

And all that was to say that the majority of this month's snippets are from Gumusservi (with of course, the exception of a few random Psithurism lines that I wrote near the beginning of the month). 

"Into the forest he darted, like a mad cat pursued by a dog of twice its proportions, with all that hair flying galley-west in the coarse wind and a peculiarly bright blue woman's cloak clutched tightly in his white palms." -gumusservi 

"The chill works it's way through my limbs first, slowly reaching deeper until the very marrow of my bones feels frozen solid." -psithurism

"'We have wasted so much time on each other,' the man said slowly. 'I hate the thought of wasting more time on another.'" -gumusservi

"Words are nothing but a representation of our feelings. We can twist them to imitate our emotions but they will never find a way to man's heart. No, never as easily as music." -gumusservi

"She has green-blue eyes, the color of the sea on a sunny day." -gumusservi

"But their beauty was depleted to some extent by her sharp tongue, and there was no kindness on her lips to favor the words on their way out." -gumusservi

I've only got a few short snippets this month, as I've not gotten very much done in Gumusservi, but I thought y'all would enjoy anyway. :)

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