When Is The Write Time?

Friday, January 18, 2013

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"Do you have special time set aside for writing, or do you jut write whenever it strikes you to do so?"

I was asked this question on my last post. I was about to answer this simply by replying to the comment, but my answer started getting pretty long, and I want all of y'all to hear the answer.

I have been asked this several times, actually, whether in real life or the blog world. The answer isn't clear cut or sharp, but rather a hazy grey color: it's changed over the years, but now I do...both.

Let me elaborate.

How much writing I do depends on how much time I have, how inspired I'm feeling, etc. I used to religiously set aside time for writing, but since chores and homework always take longer than you expect them to, I hardly ever actually wrote. Then, I started writing whenever I was inclined to do so, and that wasn't all too successful either. You see, when I am not telling myself to "go sit down and write!" I tend to be easily swayed by other things (read: books). 

So I compromised. No schedule was too lenient, specific hours each day was too rigid.

Instead, I make sure I get at least a certain amount of writing done each week. This certain amount can vary greatly, relying on how much homework I have in a week, whether we have other activities going on or if my ten weekly hours of dance have been shortened/lengthened for some reason. (For example, I never plan writing for Thursday. What with dance right after co-op, one doesn't find much time to scribble. ;)) From there, I'll decide how much I want to get done in the week, making a mental note. How much I do also will vary depending on where I am in my story's plot. There have been a few weeks where I will have limited writing time, but because of my book's plot, I will have to make room for a little more. 

I would give you an average of how my I write each week, but it's such a large range that it would be hardly worth it. :/ Hopefully, though, this little post will help you find out the best way to plan/not plan your writing. Obviously, we are not all the same, so different things will work for different people: what works best for you? Do you have any questions you would like answered in large? ;)

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  1. This is a great answer! I think that the way you plan for writing seems very logical! I will have to try this myself! Thanks!


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