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Sunday, January 13, 2013

As writers, we tend to write in our pajamas, complete with yesterday's makeup, slept-in hair thrown into a messy bun, fuzzy socks, a large sweater and a mug of something hot next to us. What can I say? Our job is just a grueling one. XD

But in order to get some sharp feelings into a book, you gotta look sharp. Unless, of course, the feel of your book is cozy-and-tired. If that is the case, by all means go right on ahead!

And for those of us who like crisp plots and sentences like a two-edges sword, these are my tips for dressing, as a writer.

Here's how we'll operate this thing: you pick the category(s) that your book best falls into. Then, scroll down to find your look. Got it? Let's go!

Historical Fiction

Action/Adventure look:
You are going for a really exciting, thrilling plot. I'd definitely start with a pair of jeans, so you are equiped for this wild ride. Then perhaps a white v-neck tee, a nice sharp blazer, and some cute kicks. Something a little like this...

Your book is dramatic and full of suspense. So dress the part. A black dress styled with a nice belt, floral headscarf, red pumps, red lipstick and cateye shades are definitely in order. :) Think Nancy Drew, or something like this...

Historical Fiction:
How you dress for this really depends on what time period your pook is based. I'd start with a maxi skirt, though. From there, it's up to you. 1900's? You might want a large hat. 19th century? Try a cozy shawl. Pre-1600's? I'd wear something like this...

This could really go any direction you want. I suggest wearing something one of your characters would wear. Does he/she like to be dressed up? Try jeans, a lacy top, a long statement necklace, a simple cardigan and some nice ballet flats. For example, this is what Ara would wear (in 2013)...

Same as fiction - dress like your character. A pair of boots should probably be in there somewhere, too, if your main character does a lot of travelling. ;) For example...

Dress similar to your time period, without being historically acurate (that could get difficult). For example, if your book is placed in the 18th century, I would wear an elbow-length top with a loose knee-length skirt, ballet flats, and a scarf. See historical fiction for more ideas.

Your book doesn't fit into any of the categories? Comment below, and I'll think up something fun for you to wear while writing. Remember, the possibilities are endless. :)

P.S. I finished Psithurism (1st draft) last night! Very exciting moment right here. :)


  1. This is fun :) They're all so adorable! I think Fantasy is my favorite, though I'd fall in the Action/Adventure category with my writing (that oufit rocks too:).

  2. Love this post. Not a write myself, but love the genre matching clothing :)


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