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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So, some of y'all have asked to see my artwork recently...why? I can't exactly say. I think the concensus was that since I drew Ara, a couple of y'all were sweet enough to ask for drawings of my other characters. I'm an amateur at best, but since you guys were so kind, I had to oblige. Just so you know, I haven't draw too many other characters, and the only one that turned out the way he was supposed to is Favian down yonder. So most of these are just random drawings. Hello world, these are the drawings of a non-artist who likes to draw anyways. It's an embarassing hobby of mine, this whole loving-something-and-not-being-good-at-it. I have the same problem with singing, and perhaps writing too. Jack of all trades, master of none, as they say! So, shall we?

This was a sketch I did of a pointe shoe a couple weeks ago. The idea was to show that dance is not all fluff and tutus and arabesques, but a real challenge, and painful. Not sure if that much is portrayed though...

So I just did this one two days ago. It (obviously) doesn't have much shading/shaping to it, but I liked the sketchy feel to it. (By sketchy, I mean it looks like it was sketched, which it was. Not as in...inapropriate...) She might become a character one day (who am I kidding, of course she will!) but right now she doesn't have a specific role.

I drew this in late january, I think. It was just a simple little idea I had that I drew up in about 10 minutes before bed one night. In the morning when I looked at it I realized it wasn't as nice as I'd thought it was, but it wasn't bad enough to throw out. Besides, I despise throwing artwork away. So I kept it. :) There's no great intriguing story behind the emotion of this one, unfortunately. I just thought it was sweet.

After struggling through bevies of photos in an attempt to find one with some resemblance to Favian, I finally sat down and drew the poor fellow. He turned out alright, actually, though I'm still not sure if he looks too feminine. Thoughts?

This is yet another random girl. Her purpose was solely to try out a new method of drawing hair. And I kinda like her eyes and lips so I've kept her. :)

So there you have it, friends. Those are the best of my drawings (I've done countless others but they weren't worth sharing). What do you think - should I keep posting some of these (perhaps monthly) or am I hopelessly poor where drawing is concerned? ^_^
Hey, I can say this much: I have improved. For proof (but against my better judgement) I've uploaded a photo of one of my more...ancient drawings. As in I drew it a while ago *shudder*.

Knowing I've improved from that is probably the only thing that keeps me going. That and the fact that I always get marvelous ideas and think that they will be amazing before I remember (halfway through the process) that I'm no Mary Cassat. ;)

Pst, this is why I do graphic design. Because I have too much creativity to do nothing, but not enough talent to do a spectacular drawing. ;)

Do y'all draw? Might I convince you to share some of your drawings, now that I've thoroughly embarassed myself? *wink*


  1. You're good! :) You're good at drawing eyes. I can't draw a realistic person for anything...if I try the results are scary. :P

    I love the pointe drawing! You captured the way the muscles and bones bend and stretch so accurately! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)

    1. Thank you!! I've had quite some experience with feet & their muscles through dance, so it's (somehow) begining to make sense for me. But my first feet drawings (think 2011) were horrors.

      Also, I can't resist urging you to draw, even if you don't like the way it turns out. Practice makes perfect, as they say. :)

  2. Bree you are crazily talented, my dear. You and Emma both. Her drawing just leave me with my mouth gaping wondering how anyone could possibly have that much talent. Trust me as a friend who cares about you dearly that you do NOT want to see my drawing...but perhaps I could talk Emma into letting me share some of hers on my blog.

    1. Well, I truly didn't intend on getting such positive comments, but thank you! :) I would love to see some of Emma's artwork. If not on the blog, maybe through email? Drawings are one of those things I can't get enough of. :)

  3. You are a WONDERFUL artist! Honestly you are! I especcially liked the picture you drew of hands. You are such a beautiful talented young lady!:)

  4. Did you use pencil on those drawings? They're lovely, especially the pointe shoe!! I do pointe and dance and that is a very accurate representation (of the PAIN... ;} ). Anyways, I spent some time browsing your site and you sound a lot like me with the artist/writer/dancer thing. I wish you luck in all you do and God bless!!!


    1. I did use pencil - mechanical ones are, undoubtedly my favorite, since I seem to run down the tips of no. 2s too quickly!
      Thank you - I had hoped to acurately portray dance, (being a dancer myself as you know) but it's good to know another dancer noticed it. I appreciate your remarks - and I must say, we do indeed seem to have similarities! Stick around if you will, I'd love to get to know you better. :)


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