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Saturday, February 02, 2013

(read part 1 here).

One very important aspect of branding is design. Pre-made blog templates just aren't quite the same. There are several places to go for such an event (bree holloway//blog designs is my website, if you are interested), including researching how to do it yourself. Although, if that is the alley you choose, I would recommend practicing for a year or two before launching your site, takes time to learn HTML, CSS, and graphic design. Heck, I've been doing it since December 2010, and still have plenty of growing room.

And now that you have an idea of who you are, the design will be easy: it is just an extension of you. With your notes in hand, go skippetty down the lane to the graphic designing shoppe of your choice, and pick out a custom design package. Make sure when you are working with the designer that he/she understands exactly what you are going for. It helps me if people send me photos, songs, and Pinterest boards that have inspired them. This way I can really visualize the design.

Make sure that everything in the design has a purpose. True, little cute elements here and there may add interest to your brand, but do they really fit the theme?

For example: when drafting my brand, I really wanted to throw in a cute little camera. But I refrained.
The Reason: True, I like photography, but this is not a photography blog: this my little writing space. :) I camera would confuse new viewers into thinking this blog would be photography related, which it is (mostly) not.

This takes time as well (though perhaps not so much as finding your niche.)
A quickly made brand without thought can result in a sad product. For example:

On the other hand, a deliberate, well-thought-out header can be beautiful and a good reflection of who you are. Be careful not to add too many elements: simple is better. :) Taking time to invest in a good designer will end with the best results.

Stay tuned for part three--and have a lovely weekend, friend!

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  1. these are great tips, bree! i think for me, the hardest part is never knowing what i like. cause i like five million different styles. haha! i love your style, though!!


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