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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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So you've found out who you are. You've got it down to a bit of a science by now, and you even have a snazzy new design. What next? This is the hardest part of branding, and probably the most boring. It's also the part that most people give up on, but most importantly, it's the part that makes a difference. Translation: stick with it, and you will succeed. Give up, and you...won't.

Sticking with it is not easy, and I can say with confidence I am a long way away from mastering it.  Who really can master such a skill? There's no surefire way to keep your readers interested while still holding to your theme/personality...but there are a few tips. :)

1. Stay Inspired - Easier said than done, I know. But remember that Pinterest board we made, with all the things that inspire you? Well, just because you have finished branding for now (because you are never really finished, and your style will change somewhat over the years) doesn't mean you should stop pinning to that board. As your likes/dislikes change, so will your personality. Your overall brand probably won't change, but keeping tabs on it will help you stay inspired. And remember that when your ideas change, it's okay to change your brand along with it. Rebrands will be necessary in coming years, just as long as you aren't rebranding every month or so. ;)

2. Step Back - When inspiration begins to run dry (because no, it's not an every flowing river as much as I wish it would be) take a step back. Everybody has to do it sometime, maybe your time is now. If you aren't feeling inspired, pushing yourself to write up little things that don't mean much to you will only make it worse. Put the blogging/writing on pause for a bit, relax, and concentrate on the more important things. I find that spending time in prayer is the best remedy for this. Talk with God about where He is leading you with this, etc. In time you will be ready to come back, refreshed & renewed.

3. Plan Ahead - Because of the waterlike nature of inspiration, I like to write down any ideas while I have them. This way, if I'm feeling a like a dried up stream I have some little trickles of water to rejuvenate me.

I'm sure there are plenty of other helpful solutions out there, so please don't see these as the only three. ;) I hope they were of some help to y'all, though. Do you have anything to add?

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