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Saturday, February 16, 2013

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(sorry I've been all MIA as of late. Being away from home all day on Valentine's Day, and then having a rather large, day-filling event yesterday pushed off this post later than I would have wished. I'm still trying to catch up on all that homework that was neglected...)
Hullo friends! As in January, I bring you snippets of my Gumusservi scribblings. This month, I have done scarcely any writing, but those random lines that pop into my head have yet to stop, so I still have some snippets to share with you. Honestly, I know little more about the situations in these quotes than you will--so bear with me. :)

When their hands touched, there was a spark of flame--something which would in later years be called electric, but there was nothing of the sort of the deserted island. Nothing but the proverbial flame by which all things were measured, and by which anything was appreciated. -Gumusservi
"She lost herself, somehow," the old woman whispered crookedly. "We don't intend to loose ourselves; we only nibble our way to lostness," he replied, instilling silence in many hearts. -Gumusservi
 The river was a long, winding one, with the appearance of having been drawn by a giants finger on a particularly damp day, trailing slowly and aimlessly in the muck. -Gumusservi
I never liked the expression, "I have a broken heart." It makes the heart out to be a glass ornament, something to be hidden away. And maybe it is. But hearts are alive, breathing. A broken heart can be pasted back to some semblance of order, but a living one, stomped on by carelessness, bleeding in dismay? Such cannot simply be repaired. Gumusservi
In deep consternation, she strengthened that ill-used muscle between the eyebrows quite furiously. -Gumusservi
Kaitlyn looked about the room suspiciously. Was not everything in place? Chairs stood on all four legs as they were wont to do, and all the books were properly shelved (though a good deal had escaped to the desk by ways humans never could quite determine, and papers sat on display at every standstill). What could Auntie have thought awry? She didn't notice the cloak, a wild blue one, for it fit right into the somewhat jumbled atmosphere. -Gumusservi

Once again, I don't have much. Unfortunately, since I am about to dive into the editing of Psithurism, I don't want to step into the murky waters of Gumusservi. I know it's not one of those things you can step into with one foot! ;)

So, which is your favorite? Oh, and did you have something sweet on Valentine's Day for me? ;)

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