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Monday, February 11, 2013

We got more snow a couple weeks ago, and this time it was a real one. Heavy enough to sled actually, which is pretty rare down south as you know. :) It lasted all day, and was dumped with more snow the next morning. I love snow, a lot. But summer is my favorite season, so I wasn't exactly euphoric.
The best part? It was one of those quiet snows that catch you by surprise in the morning, with sunlight burning down on it like fire. I love sunlight - did I ever tell you that? Now you know.

Also, I've been drinking loads of tea. Blame it on the weather if you will.

Ironically, it's about fifty degrees today.
So, have y'all gotten any snow? Or do you live in tropical climates? (I'm jealous of you if that's the case).

p.s. beautiful people sessions may or may not be waiting in the archives to be posted. shh, I'm writing a sequel.


  1. love that one with the red berries :)

  2. these are just lovely, deary!!! I haven't seen snow in such a very long time, but all the old almond trees here are blooming and suppose that's as close to snow as we'll get. *smile* xoxo


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