Why should I go to college?

Friday, February 22, 2013

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There is a lot of controversy on this subject. Should you go to college, or should you stay home? Is all the money you pay worth the learning? Do you actually learn anything at college?
Because deciding whether or not to go for those extra fours years of school is such an important decision, I figured it might help y'all know what my decision is, and how I've come to it.
Please note that I've battled this out with myself, friends, and family for several years now, in and around other things. I've come to my conclusion, but it's not necessarily going to be yours. Make sense? As it's a pretty weighty subject, and I've got a lot of thought on it, I'll break this post up into two simple sections: why you should go, and why you shouldn't go. :)

Why You Should Go To College
1. It's good life experience. Going out, living on your own and managing your time/money/space is definitely a good practice for when you're married or living on your own in the near future. These are tricks only experience can teach you: you can't truly learn time and money management in any sort of class.

2. Despite the majority of liberal colleges whose purpose is to get money and indoctrinate (not to sound glum or anything), there are a couple that are worth your money. Hillsdale, for example.

3. If you are going into an art (such as dance, music, or art) you can probably learn a lot, and get some good practice in. You might also find a medium you didn't know you would enjoy.
Why You Shouldn't Go To College
1.  About 95% of colleges are hardcore liberal, teaching you that evolution is true, public schools are better, the government will take care of you, the earth is warming and we must save it by driving special cars, etc. Who wants to pay large amounts of money for indoctrination?

2. College does not get you a job, as much as we like to think it will. In fact, many people who come out of college have just as little chance at getting a job as the next person...except that they have a piece of paper saying they payed $100,000 and spent four years in a dorm room. For those of us pursuing entrepreneurship, this especially won't help. Why wait around for four years? Why not start right out of highschool? Who says you can't learn on your own?

3. College is expensive. A little research can show that college, along with personal expenses, food, etc. costs an average of $20,000 a year. For those larger, more expensive colleges, I can only imagine. Personally, I think the child should pay at least part of their college fee, to learn responsibility. That's just my two cents, though. And no matter how you slice it, someone is going to have to pay the sum. Think of all that money that could have been saved for an emergency, used for necessaries, or used to get your business started (for entrepreneurs, that is). I personally think that is a lot of money wasted.


You've probably guessed my stance on the subject now, haven't you? I'm not planning on going to college. Yes, if I get a scholarship to a school I agree with, and if I feel like God is leading me in that direction, I'll go. But right now? Home life is looking pretty good. I don't see any reason to go to college once I graduate, unless I go to learn about graphic design. Writing academic papers isn't going to help me with my book endeavors. And I'm not sure that I will pursue dance as a profession. 

Once more, this is just my decision. Consider the evidence, though. Is college really the best idea? What's your stance on the question, and why?


  1. Great post! My stance is that while college is an awesome opportunity for some people, it's not the answer for *everyone*. If it is not God's will for an individual to go, then they should follow His leading on the issue - my personal experience is that you will find blessings in store when you do that.

    Have a wonderful afternoon and God bless,

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  2. Very interesting! I find it fascinating that you mentioned Hillsdale, because that is where I'm planning on going. However, college is definitely not for everyone, every skill set, or every personality. I don't think that people who don't go are any less smart or less capable; in fact, they may have more real-life experience. I personally thrive on academic life, and I need a degree for the jobs I'm hoping to pursue. But who knows where God will take me next.


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