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Thursday, March 07, 2013

via pinterest (I do realize that this looks like Eddie Redmayne, but I promise you, his real name is Agapeto. ;D)
So this month I'm diving into the very first of my brand-new Gumusservi characters! Exciting, isn't it? This young lad's name is Agapeto (he doesn't have a last name...yet). I'd tell you more about him, but I think you'll get your fill from the questions below. He plays a pretty good part in Gumusservi, and he sure won't let me forget it. Stubborn characters...

1. What is his/her biggest secret? Agapeto (Uh-GAH-pe-to - often called Peto) was not very friendly in his childhood years, and as a result, the children around him avoided his presence not quite like the plague, but like the flu. Since he separated himself from that world, and his current comrades know naught of his aloof childhood, he doesn't prefer to speak of it. A man cannot live a new live until he has separated himself from his old life. 

2. Has he/she ever been in love? This depends on what you mean by in love. In love with a person? No, not really. In love with life? Well, no, not that either. But Agapeto does love the idea of love, which is a start in comparison to his sharp young tongue a few years preceding Gumusservi's start. He also is quite in love with his job as a ship boy, and wouldn't surrender it without a fight. He secretly believes that it is the passport to becoming a sea captain, one of the many dreams under his cap. 

3. What is his/her comfort food? As food in his world is not the comfort it can be in our world, Peto doesn't really have a comfort food. But hot cereal in the morning, something that was a trial to him as a defiant little rascal of a boy is now (though he would never admit it to Mama) one of his favorites, and he makes a point of having it ever chill morning. And he does still believe the hot oats wards off bad luck with their warmth, though everyone know's that's an old wives' tale, and only children believe it. 

4. Does he/she play a musical instrument? If so, what? Peto was trained in the pianoforte as a child (it was his mother's best wish that he would become a classical performer, and win fame and fortune for the family) but as soon as he was out of the house, any thoughts of that were left in the same place linen shorts, grubby stockings, wooden airplanes and baby fat went. 

5. What colour are his/her eyes? Hair? Peto's eyes are a bright sort of blue, like a match newly struck, but flecked with a gold that somehow doesn't fade much, even on darker days. His hair is a burnished bronze-filtered brown. And his face is covered in a congregation of freckles, but that's not something you have to ask about. ;)

6. Does he/she have any pets? Naught but a lonely songbird with only one song to sing, one song that is constantly repeated. In times of frustration Agapeto will threaten to do away with her, but in the end the two rely quite solidly on each other, and to do away with a foundation is ridiculous. "Besides, she needs me," he would say. 

7. What is his/her favorite place to be? On the deck of a ship, sea spray in his face, wind full-faced and sunny beams reaching down from the sky. His hands, rough from work, would ideally be clutching at the helm, though he does not own a ship to rule. 

8. What are some of his/her dreams or goals? As a boy, nothing pleased Agapeto more than winning a fistfight at school, or a game of chess at home. Like any young boy, to win was to be a king. It would be lying to say all of it has faded, but some of that battling nature departed over several grueling years, and he is more interested in grownup things now. He's not sure what he wants to do, but he's waiting (albeit impatiently) for his chance to spring on Opportunity, and be pulled into the depths of Glory.

9. Does he/she enjoy sports? Not particularly. Ironically, all the friction between opposing teams bothers him.

10. What is his/her favorite flower or plant? Being a boy, plants never were all that exciting to Peto. Honestly, I believe he would do away with all of botany in relation to himself if he could. Such things are only meant for girls, is his belief, and they are frivolous even then. 
"Tell me," the man asked him in an aloof tone, "why should I hire you?" Were it not for the tense situation I might have laughed at the way Agapeto replied. "Why not?"  

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