March Drawings & An Announcement

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well. Believe it or not, I'm still alive. Although, with the mounds of editing, homework, and blog design surrounding me, you'd think I was drowning or something. ;) But I've returned with this month's sketches for your viewing, and maybe that will compensate for my long absence. Deal? :)

This was something I did yesterday while in Study Hall. The idea came one day while at dance - to have a dancer looking in a melancholy manner at the other dancers. Maybe she's sick, maybe she's not good enough. I only wish I could have captured better on paper the emotions that are so vivid in my head.

This was a very quick sketch I did a week or so ago, when I needed to get down a concrete image of Kaitlyn (from Psithurism) when she is older. This came out, and it's mostly acurate, if not fun. :)

That up there was a mock-up for the new & improved Bree Holloway//Blog Designs. I didn't end up using it, but it was good to get my ideas out on paper before taking them to the real canvas. :) More on this later.

Since eyes are just the coolest things ever, I found myself doodling a rather large one on a scrap of notebook paper. When it turned out pretty well, I tried this one. While I have prefered methods of drawing eyes, I thought this was a good exploration of techniques.

This is a little orphan I drew, who will probably end up somewhere in some future book but is currently standing on her own. ;) And that spyglass? Stolen or found in the gutters. I'm answering this question because two of my siblings have asked me this. It's apparently not obvious...;)

Just a basic vase. Kinda boring, but a good exercise. I also like the simplicity of it, and the angle of the light.

The Announcement: Bree Holloway Blog Designs is finally reopening! Updated parcels, new look (!!), new URL (soon-to-be ".com" too) and a brand I'm finally satisfied with. Go on over, click around, and maybe order a spring cleaning for your blog.

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  1. love your drawings, Bree! the eye, the dancer looking on, and the last one are my favorites. you are very talented! {also, your blog design website is fabulous! ;)}



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