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Friday, March 01, 2013

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Just some thoughts this weekend. :)

1. it's march. how did that happen? please life, slow down a bitty-bit?

2. spring break in a week, y'all. i'm storing up thoughts, ideas, and critiques like a squirrel in the autumn, and I fully intent to pour it all out into editing over spring break. I want to get at least halfway through by the end of March.

3. every time I think it's gonna start getting warm, it snows again. that's okay, though because i'm watching good old movies and drinking hot chocolate and stretching every day & those are the good things in life.

4. thrift stores are the best. guess what this gal got for a total of $10? one vintage baby-pink scarf, two pairs of shoes, and a floral skirt for the summer. yeah!

5. regency balls & british accents. basically, i'm making myself another regency gown (this would be the third...) and talking my head off in british this week, because we are going to a regency ball next week. aren't historical event the best?

6. i really want to go to the beach. i'm longing for warm, sunny weather.

7. i finished to kill a mockingbird, and *loved* it. hello new favorite book!

What about you, friend? What's going on in your head?

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