things that make me happy: part 5

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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026. 80 degrees. Every day. Spring, you are definitely my favorite season. Sit and stay a while, pretty please with strawberries and cream?

027. Speaking of strawberries and cream, a French Charlotte Russe (look it up) is on the menu for tomorrow. Hello, summer berries!

028. There's a spring cleaning package in The Shoppe, for those of you wanting a little sweep-up of the blog. But it's only available through June, so hop over soon! :)

029. So I bleached a section of hair at the back of my head with hydrogen peroxide this weekend. The peroxide (use 3% or less so you don't get severe hair damage!) works much faster than lemon juice, and there's no stickiness to deal with. Win-win!

030. Neon pink toenails and new vintagey floral shorts. Also known as prepping for summer because it's unquestionably the best time of the year. :)


  1. You said "80 degrees. Every day." It was only eighty degrees for one day!(Not every day.) And, it is getting even cooler (like 56 degrees tomorrow.)

    1. Aww, ya got me, seester! But it was 80 degrees for several days in a row, so...

  2. i love fun nail colors to :)


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