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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Well, it's been quite awhile since I last posted some writing snippets, has it not? I suppose that's mainly due to a lack of writing on my end (I have no apology for this whatsoever. You can blame it on exams, if you wish) or perhaps lack of interesting writing is a better description for it. Either way, I haven't had much of anything to share, and what was there wasn't worth sharing. Until now.

I had a ridiculous idea to conduct a conversation with Ara (the protagonist of my WIP, Psithurism), because, even though eighty percent (approximately) of the book is in her head, I still felt as though I din't know her well enough. Her deepest thoughts were yet to be unveiled, to put it picturesquely. The conversation actually went remarkably well, and I managed to dig up some stories I hadn't previously been aware of. :)

All that to say, this month I have been particularly focused on Ara, and thus all but one of these snippets have come straight out of her head. I apologize in advance for any exhaustion you have for her after reading this post. ;)

"The thick wood panels holding our weight were soft and round-edged – from what my toes told me – in the way that old men walk: somewhat bent, kindly, and worn." -Ara, Psithurism

"The thought of turning back was foolish – surely I was more than halfway to my destination. It was doubtful whether there was any protection from falling into unseen depths, and that scared me most." -Ara, Psithurism

"My heart ached. Adair. Where was he when I needed him? Didn’t he promise never to leave? I felt sick, and turned from the food set before me in distaste. Promises. Adair gave me promises and broke them. I didn’t like promises. I would try never to make any of the foul, crumbling things." -Ara, Psithurism

"There were a few scratches - probably from thorny weeds - that criss-crossed a unknown pattern on the taut brown canvas of his palm. It was beautiful to me that a man would get down on his knees like a woman and tend to the timeless task of weeding." -Ara, Psithurism

"“Adara,” I heard my father say softly, his voice very far off. I wondered if the floor had given way to a bed of nails for all the pain surging through my body. Every part of me seemed to be in various stages of breakdown, my head being the closest to psychopathy." -Ara, Psithurism

"Slowly, I descend the grand staircase into the hall in which my speech will be given, my coronation received. And as I enter, long skirts billowing and skirts rustling, I catch Favian’s trusting eye in the crowd, leading me forward as the cogent clapping of the audience begins." -Ara, Psithurism

"God hears our thoughts before we think them, yet it somehow feels more valid when they have passed over our lips.
Which is ironic, since humans are anything but more valid than the God who made them." -Favian, Psithurism

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