Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reading: The Fellowship of The Ring, Extreme Devotion, Bird By Bird, Shakespeare Alive (it's never one book at a time with me, is it?)

Listening: To this, this, and this. They are all pretty inspirational when it comes to writing Psithurism.

Loving: All the time spent in the sun and all the time spent writing/reading/exercising that summer spells. I'm feeling rather spoiled at the moment.

Hoping: That I'll finish all Psithurism add-inns by the end of July/mid-August.

Feeling: A bit sunburnt.

"Favian’s hands were work-hardened and thickly calloused – no dirt could hide that. There were a few randomly-placed scratches, probably from thorny weeds, that criss-crossed an unknown pattern on the taut brown canvas of his palm." -Ara, Psithurism

Tasting: Iced coffee and shortbread cookies. Starbucks makes everything so much fun. ^_^

What about you? How have you been spending your summer days?

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