Actually Finishing Something July - week 2

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time for week 2 of Actually Finishing Something [in] July; hop on over to Katie's blog to join the fun.

1) How time flies! Did you reach your weekly goal? I actually did not set a weekly goal for myself, so in that way, no. However, I did aim hazily to work on a group of scenes, in which I did end up making a fair sized dent. I think it decent headway for a week.

2) Is this challenge pushing and encouraging you to write more often? Yes. I've never had too much trouble sitting down, it was the actual writing of the thing that I can never seem to do. Somedays I'll just sit and stare off into space for several long moments before even finding a starting place, and getting from start to finish is a lot harder than it sounds. The threat - if you can rightly call it that - of having to be accountable to y'all about my progress is keeping me focused, however.

3) Did you accomplish most of your writing in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at random intervals during your busy day (i.e. waiting for your neighbors to go inside so you can jump on the trampoline without disturbing them)? Most of the writing I did in the afternoon, my main source of free time. I've tried getting up early in the morning, but I find that while I have loads of inspiration, I'm too sleepy to actually get words down, and all I want to do is let my thoughts wander off into the world of my book, rewrite subplots, discover new facts, and then forget about them when I'm fully awake. It's rather whimsical and extremely dangerous. ^_^

4) Any particular musical tracks inspiring your prose? Nothing specifically inspiring my writing; I have been listening to this and this a lot though. :) (The former has always been a favorite of mine, and the latter is so sweet, summery and peaceful.)

5) Share a snippet (or two) of your writing! 

"The poor beast was beaten and exhausted from a tiresome week of travel, but I’d had no means to change horses at any point in the journey, and thus was left to wear the old fellow down to his last thread. He was a soft, grey Frederiksborg, a good travelling horse. But he was old, having been in the family since my father was a boy, when he purchased him as a colt from a travelling salesman. The given name, Greyfell, suited him well." -Adair
 "The heartbreaking noise of a lone child – a boy perhaps, by the sound of his scream – does not affect me, though I hear it the same way one sees something that is just out of his field of vision. Instead, I am remembering the doe in the window, how she glared at me so differently than other does of my remembering. She did not cower, nor look at me as though I were an intruder. Instead, she stood her ground firmly, spiting my even existence with her pure, innocent one." -Tarquin
6) Share your three favorite bits of dialoge.

“Oh,” I said, feigning indifference. “Please, come with me. Sheldon, you may go back to your post. I will take this Sir Cromwell to my father.” It was the perfect excuse to learn more of the mysterious man, as well as keep the butler in his sphere, and out of mine. -Ara

“I need to tell you something important. Knowing you, you probably won’t like it. I’m willing to take that chance, if it means being truthful.” -Favian 
“My dear, you were predestined to be loved.” -Amor
7) How are you going to move forward in this challenge? Are you changing your word-count goal, or other such battle plans this week? I'm hoping to finish the previously mentioned scene, as well as rewriting a betrayal scene and all around tightening up of the ending. I'm essentially just plugging through like always. :) 

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  1. You know how the bar of a typewriting chicks along happily, and when you hit RETURN, slams back into place with a force that nearly knocks the contraption off the table? My eyes were following the second to last line of your last snippet when I saw the word TARQUIN, and the historian in me went shick-BANG right back to it. :P

    It did much the same thing for "Sir Cromwell."

    I'm a hopeless bag of tricks.

    But I loved these snippets and pieces of dialogue, old girl! Poor Greyfell. I hate reading about run-down beasts that have no hope of betterment to come. I suppose that's the way one is meant to feel, but I still hurt inside, poor brute. As for the dialogue, I think I liked the last piece best because it is the very stuff of my own soul.

    Keep it up, old bean! ^.^


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