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Monday, July 29, 2013

cover mock-up by me, images via pinterest.
...Anything at all about my book Psithurism. I know I haven't exactly made things clear (actually, y'all
are probably completely in the dark...) so I thought we might have a little questionnaire session.

I saw how effective this method was with my questions for Abigail and Jenny, and as I couldn't possibly answer all of your questions about Psithurism without your asking...well, it just seemed a bit necessary. (Side note: I tend to forget what I have and haven't told you, and as I usually say less than I mean to, y'all probably have only a vague idea of this Psithurism thing. Yet another reason why answering your specific questions should clear the air a bit.) Here's how we'll go about doing it...

You can all go ahead and ask as many questions as you want about Psithurism in the comment section below (this isn't promising, of course, that I'll be able to answer all of them, for the sake of keeping some secrets). I'll answer them in as orderly a fashion as I can.

Make sense? Ask away!

Disclaimer: I can't promise you'll understand this book as well as I do when we're done, but of course, that's the fun of things. The edges of your vision should still be rather hazy until after you've read Psithurism in it's entirety. Which, as we know, may not be for another year or so, or whenever I publish it. :)


  1. Question #1: In your snippets, I see you writing in the first person, but the first person seems to change. Is that all part of Psithurism and does the first person change, say, from chapter to chapter?

    Question #2: Going from Pinterest board to Pinterest board, I've been enjoying seeing your inspiration for your novels. I'm sure you've said so here before, but I don't remember: is Ardet your Psithurism world, or a place within that world? And are horses (since you have so many pictures of them) very important in Psithurism?

    Question #3: If you had to choose a colour or a range of colours to encapsulate Psithurism, what would they be?

    Question #4: Is Ara inspired by anyone, or have you found anyone subsequent to writing her that matches her personality?

  2. 1. What is the plot in Psithurism?
    2. Who are the main characters, and how do they come into the book? :)

  3. I have a few questions:
    1. What genre is Psithurism?
    2. The title doesn't seem to be an English word. Is it from a different language? Or did you make it up? Does the word have a special meaning? If so, what it is?
    3. How long have you been working on this project?
    4. What is your target audience for Psithurism?
    5. What is the theme of Psithurism? What are you trying to show people with this novel?

    Happy answering! I am surely looking forward to it.

    ~Annie-Jo Elizabeth

  4. I have another question. In re. the horses, do you think you could do a kind of Beautiful People post for some of them, such as Sun Horse, Moon Horse, so that we can meet some of them?

  5. That's exciting! I sort of did the same thing, except the questions I got weren't all related to my writing. Here are some questions I have in regard to your novel, Psithurism!

    1. How long is your current wordcount for Psithurism?
    2. Who is the greatest villain in your book?
    3. Do any of your characters originally come from within of our own planet earth?
    4. What is the religious-system of Psithurism world?
    5. Is Psithurism a name with a meaning you made up, or has its origins in one of our particular languages?
    6. Jenny touched on this question, but I noticed also that in some of the snippets on Tea and Bree you write in present tense. Is that for the full length of the novel, or just bits? What is your main reason for employing this particular tense?
    7. Are you planning on self-publishing Psithurism or go through the traditional method of finding an agent, etc ??

    And that's it! I look forward to your coming posts :). And I love the mock-up book cover. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you very much, Joy! I suppose if my writing fails I can always make book covers for y'all's works. ;D


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