What You Should Know

Saturday, July 27, 2013

...Is that I get extremely excited for big changes. Like this one - see a change over here? A cleaner layout, a nice shiny new header, and more focus on the text area. Not to mention a refreshed color scheme and a new logo.

What on earth brought on such a change, you ask? I wanted it to match the other half of my online existence - this. Click it. Really, just do. I'm waiting.


See that? New website! Most of the design changes are minimal, of course, but the design is cleaned up a bit, navigation ought to be smoother now, and there's a brand new parcel for website owners! So go knock yourself out. ;) And don't forget to order a design while you're over there... ^_^


  1. Loving the new design Bree, and your shop looks so chic! I've been obsessing over simple designs such as this one lately, and ever since I started my new blog I've really been enjoying how... clean it is haha.


    1. Thank you, Hannah! I'm really excited about all this. ;) Simplicity is the way to go, for me at least.


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