Actually Finishing Something July - Finale!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ah, the last session of AFSJ! Click over to Katie-dear's blog to find out more about this excellent challenge. And now for this weeks Q and A...

Did you reach your goal?
Nope, not quite. I still have about 7 more little inserts to write up. The good thing? None of them are long, and I completed 11 scenes, all of a larger size. UPDATE: I quite forgot to mention that every time I wrote a scene I found another to be written. That really did put me off track, but books will be books!

If you didn't fully complete your goal, were you able to make a good amount of progress in your project?
^^See above question^^

What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July?
It was the first time in the past year (crazy, I know) that I got a pretty bad case of writer's block. The 500 plunk (thanks Jenny for introducing me, and Kendra for naming it!) has been very helpful, and I'm trying to make myself do at least one a day. (Once I get started, I usually do two anyway, so it's all good.)

Did you maintain a writing schedule? How often did you write to meet your goal?
Like I said, I've been trying to make myself "plunk" for 500 words every day. I've been 90% successful, but certain design projects have been most deliciously distracting...

List some of the musical tracks/artists you listened to most frequently this July. Tell us why they inspired you and how they fit with your story.
The Highwayman by Loreena McKennit is a more recent favorite of mine, so that has been on a rotation (no more than once a day, however, due to it's length). It doesn't have a whole lot to do with Psithurism, and is in fact better for Gumusservi (all the more fun--I can keep listening!) but the feel of the music is so alluring, not to mention the lyrics will make me cry when I'm in the mood.
I've also been listening to "Feel Again" by OneRepublic. A right alive song, and very tribal-feeling. Some of the lyrics relate, some really don't at all. But I like it, and once again, the mood fits pretty well.

Snippets! Share as much, or as little, as you choose.
A harsh gold light burned in the hearth, leaping at the kindling I swept into it excitedly. Outside it was dark and lonesome, but in here was home. The dim light radiating from candles positioned periodically about the room was almost friendly in a poor sort of way – a confidence in character and warmth not based on wealth. -Ara, Psithurism
When Ardet was yet a young world with but a few hundred centuries to its name, and the stirred western winds were warm and friendly, the rich scent of the earth untainted by the blood of fallen men, and the tall green hills fought for the sky, there was an empire on the royal dirt of Vita Anima -Psithurism 
I did not think myself hard enough to make a woman fall in love with me without reciprocating the emotion – I was not cut out for this work and I wanted an escape. Maybe there had been one, once upon a time. That time had passed. -Adair, Psithurism

Pick a character from your July writing project and describe his or her daily wardrobe. Imagine how this character would dress is he or she were living in the year 2013.
I've been exploring Adair mostly this month, so let's explore his wardrobe shall we? The colors of choice are mostly greens, browns, blacks - basically all neutral colors. A splash of red will show its face occasionally, but only for special events. Men's style in his time consists of simple cotton pants, a clean shirt (more wealthy men have ruffles at the neck & wrists of their shirts, and pants are made of varying luxurious fabrics). Capes are worn for travel, varying from cotton to velvet, and generally knee-high boots are the standard footwear. In the summer, there is occasionally a pair of sandals that makes it's way in in the lower classes, and for formal events upper class gentlemen will have their boots embroidered elaborately. All in all, the style is very French-inspired, with a slight medieval twist. Adair follows the general trends of his fellow middle-class men. To give you an idea, this may be something he'd wear in 2013:

Bonus Question (skip if so desired--I shan't be offended)! What was your favorite part of Actually Finishing Something [in] July? What could be done next year to improve the challenge?
I loved the motivation given! I can always use some encouragement. :) Nothing on your part I can think of, though I do wish I had worked a bit harder...
The seamstress attached the sleeves – shorter ones than I was accustomed to, reaching only to my knees – and stood back to get a good look at the monstrosity. -Ara, Psithurism


  1. I know what you mean about getting through one scene only to discover it has given birth to several more that you have to house and clothe and feed... Rewriting the first chapter of Adamantine did that to me several times over, the sneak.

    I love the atmosphere of your first snippet: very warm and sweet and conscious of the beauty that is peculiar to a simple, poor life. The second one tastes of legend, and I like that. The third captured my interest because it is well put, has a great impact of feeling delivered from the character, and I've got a male character in the first person badgering me to write him, so that voice is still ringing in my ears.

    Thanks for throwing him another bone. Don't feed the natives!

    I like Adair's modern style. Except for the hat, it is quite like my husband's style. So naturally I like it. And Psithurism's style is very much like Plenilune's, as to that. I'm continually surprised by how alike our stories are in image and feel. ...You're not stealing my thoughts while I sleep, are you? I warn you, my brain is a dangerous, scary place. >.>

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Whoops. I thought that was the bone-pile but apparently I was mistaken...
      I quite like Adair's style as well, and wouldn't mind if my future Particular Gentleman dressed after the fashion. ;)
      I've been noticing a few similarities as well - from the snippets and images of Plenilune I've seen.
      Don't worry, I haven't been raiding your dreams to the best of my recollection. I have to say though, I can't see someone's brain being any large deal scarier than my own...


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