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Thursday, August 08, 2013

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Time for some snippets, friends! The month of July was pretty good writing-wise, thanks to AFSiJ and thanks to a little boost of inspiration. :) It should be noted that all but one of these are from Ara's perspective, as I spent practically the entire month in her head.
That being said, here they are...

"Cromwell. I was not used to being trampled over so startlingly by one word." -Ara, Psithurism
"My first days had been terrible, running left and right, there and back, gathering plates and dispersing food like some sort of crazy person. The regime had been regulated, however, and I was beginning to feel almost comfortable in my work, though I could never quite force myself to enjoy the company of the fishermen, sailors, and laborers. Something in my royal blood boiled to think of making small talk with them." -Ara, Psithurism
"“If you don’t know his name, how can you know him?”

I racked my brain, as though somehow this tight-lipped frantic would shake the name back into memory.
“You know him.” It was all I could conjure.
A look of unmistakable enlightenment wrapped over my mistress’ red face." -Ara, Psithurism

"I couldn’t quite tell, but I thought Adair was looking at me, as I was looking at him. There waned an other-worldly quality in his eyes, and I wondered briefly if he came from the forest, from the race of Persolii of the tales of old. It was said they could cast spells of love on their prey – with the enchanting power of their eyes." -Ara, Psithurism

"But a footpath stretched between us anyway, despite our hidden records. Like trust, it was unspoken and therefore untouchable, yet ever-present. Somehow with this credence the backgrounds did not matter; all we could measure by was from our first meeting to our last words, and this was right in its way" -Ara, Psithurism

 "I felt unworthy of her even presence; she was trusting and I was ruthless, a bitter murderer grasping roughly at a porcelain figure. My heart, soft and warm under her touch, would harden up again against my wishes when [she] was gone. For one roaring moment I held her close, as though my protection could breach time like an ageless length of love even when I was gone. But moments end." -Adair, Psithurism


  1. Gah, these are fantastic. The last three are beautiful, and the last one of all in particular took my heart and crushed it.

    "This book tore my heart out and threw it in a blender. I cried for three days straight when it was over. I still can't believe what happened. I don't think I'll ever recover. Here, YOU read it!"

    'Cause that makes sense.

    1. I seem to like to reel my readers in slowly, crushing them at the last with my final words. Ahem. :P

      I'm trying desperately to place that quote. Do I know it, or are you pulling from an obscure source?

    2. Oh, it was something Mirriam posted on Facebook, and it seemed remarkably fitting given the circumstances.

  2. These are excellent! The last snippet is my favorite; I think you've cracked further into Adair's head this month. I never thought I'd hear him regretting his actions, but, Leo-like, he's surprising me. Hurry up and finish the next draft so I can read it, 'kay? :)

    1. Thanks, ma dear! You know you can read my document any time. Just give me fair warning before springing thoughts about a new scene unexpected on me, okay? :)

  3. I've just started reading your blog (really interesting, by the way), and I may sound like an idiot after I ask this.... But what is 'Psithurism'? I am intrigued.

    1. Hello there!
      You're certainly not an idiot, and I understand your confusion. :)
      Psithurism is the name of the Fantasy novel I am currently writing/editing. I've been working on it since July 2012. If you'd like to know more, follow this link (http://godslittledesigner.blogspot.com/search/label/Psithurism) to read all the relating posts. Or, of course, you could just stick around a bit, as I'm planning on answering a whole bevy of Psithurism questions pretty soon. :)


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