PSITHURISM: the first of questions answered

Monday, August 05, 2013

via Pinterest//very similar to what upper class Ardetans (ARE-de-tans) wear
Now for the first round of Psithurism questions! I must say, y'all did well sticking to the guidlines! I should be able to answer all quite simply without giving too much away...

The first two questions are from Jenny (these are not in order of whoever asked them, but rather grouped into chunks of relating topics...). (Got a question about my w.i.p Psithurism? Go here to ask it, and I'll answer ASAP.)

I'm sure you've said so here before, but I don't remember: is Ardet your Psithurism world, or a place within that world? 
I'm pretty sure I never made this one clear, so kudos to you for bringing to light a brand-new topic! Ardet (ar-DET) is the world in which Psithurism takes place. It's basically in it's own sphere, with no connection with our world. Other than that fact, you could consider it a bit like Narnia, or Middle Earth. The creatures are very similar to our own - in fact most of them are animals we see regularly, with a few less-normal creatures that have taken to hiding as of late (and I can't quite pull them out). You can look at my Ardet pinterest board if you wish to get a more visual idea of the fashion, the architecture, and the animals. The word Ardet is Latin for "burns", which is rather symbolic in light of it's story; past present and future.

And are horses (since you have so many pictures of them) very important in Psithurism

Actually, most of that is because I'm just pretty darn fascinated with horses. This dovetails subsequently with the fact that there are a few important horses in the book, (Carmella and Greyfell being the more prominent and also the only mentioned here on the blog as of yet) and horses are also used for transportation most often in Ardet. Another reason there are several horse pictures is due to the fact that I couldn't find one to really capture a certain horse. I chose a couple that gave an elemental feel for him instead. ;)

And though this wasn't asked on the question post, several of y'all have been wondering just how to pronounce "Psithurism". The "p" is silent, the "ur" is said like the "er" in "supper", and the "ism" is like "prism". Hope that helps!


  1. First off, I still think your clothing styles are gorgeous. That snapshot is perfect. Second, I did manage to work out the pronunciation of Psithurism. It isn't hard, I'm just a lazy-bones. ("Everybody's gotta have an 'ism'.")

    I love "Ardet" and "Ardetans," and the etymology behind the words. That's brilliant! I look forwarding to seeing how the Latin plays into the background of Ardet.

    Horses! I love horses. There are almost none in Gingerune. There were legions in Plenilune. I'm a stickler for good horse names: I love "Carmella" and "Greyfell." Oh, that reminds me of another question I can ask! I will go do so at once.

    1. I'm quite in love with Ardetan style myself. I figured if I was going to cultivate my own line (basically) it might as well be something I like! :)
      I'm an incurable etymology guru. Every name, place, and creature in my book has a reason behind their name. Even the book title, but I'll touch on that in a later post...
      Carmella has a very special place in my heart - it's closely related to a family name, we have some very dear friends with a daughter named Carmella, and it always makes me think of my adopted second home, Carmel, CA. (If you ever get the change, you really must visit. Absolutely gorgeous, deliciously foggy and never much warmer than 70 degrees, even in August.) Greyfell is once again a name with strategic meaning behind.

      Perhaps I should do a post on the meaning behind all of Psithurism's names...O_o

  2. it's been lovely snatching a "peek" into your books, m'dear. hope to read it all someday. ;) xx

    1. Thank you, Grace-dear! I do hope you enjoy it, whenever I end up publishing it. :)


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