Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Round 4 of questions! I'm covering mostly surface questions today, hoping to give a nice even look into Psithurism for those of you who are new to it. :)

What is the plot in Psithurism? -Hannah

Ah, the single most difficult question for a writer to be asked, yet so vital in nature! Here is the latest version of Psithurism's synopsis...

Adara's world, a beautifully crafted thing of gossamer and gold, comes crashing to the earth all at once after the death of her beloved father, the king of Vita Anima. The sinful whispers of her soul are enough to turn Adara from responsibility to the bare nature of things for help and security, neglecting those who love her.

Who are the main characters, and how do they come into the book? -Hannah

Adara, as introduced above, is the main character. That is about as much as I'm allowed to give you on her, as far as plot is concerned. :)
 Adair is a rogue of a fellow, with a mop of dirty brown hair that is forever falling into his eyes. He can be a bit shy, but mostly just quiet by nature. He is a companion to Adara for a good portion of the book.
 Tarquin is a sharp-boned creature, with piercing eyes and dark European skin. I unfortunately cannot tell you much more about him, as his place in the plot is not only vital but under pretty secure wraps.

If you had to choose a colour or a range of colors to encapsulate Psithurism, what would they be? -Jenny

I love translating stories/emotions/anything not a color into a color palette. That's probably my artistic side showing through, but I'll blame you for asking. :) For Psithurism, the scheme would be a sea of greens and blues, and a nice heavy scoop of grey. I wish it was more bright and colorful but it isn't, and I can't very well change my book for the sake of prettiness.


  1. Lovely, Bree! Blues and greens and greys are just the impression I get. And having got my share of pert, cookie-cutter questions, I thought a question aimed toward your artistic nature might be more agreeable to you. :)

    One day. One day a blue-and-green-and-grey book will sit on my shelf with your name on it.

    While you can't give away how the main characters come into the book, I'm willing to bet they come in under adverse circumstances. At least, I feel Adair would. It would be contrary of him, and I sense he likes being contrary. Shy people are like that. Gives them a sense of power.

    1. I must thank you for that question - it was a nice break-up between the black-and-white of the others. :)

      I'll try my best on that second one. And one day 3 more Jenny-Books will sit on my shelf, each in their respective Jenny-Colors too you know. ;)

      Adair can be a bit contrary. As in, he won't let me in the front door to his thoughts, and I have to scramble in through the chimney instead. Oh yes, we shy ones do get some sense of power from being contrary. (Though I must say, I'm not near as quiet as I used to be.) Something about prooving the speaker wrong makes us think we've got something over them, as though the fact that they can't read our faces is some marvelous talent of our own. O_o


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