Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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So in this round of questions y'all finally get an official explanation of the word "Psithurism." Perhaps long in coming, but it is finally here.

...And as side note, I don't think I'll ever learn how to properly start a post.

"The title doesn't seem to be an English word. Is it from a different language? Or did you make it up? Does the word have a special meaning? If so, what it is?" -Annie-JoElizabeth

"Is Psithurism a name with a meaning you made up, or has its origins in one of our particular languages?" -Joy

I'm going to answer both of these at once, since they are so alike. The title is not an English word. It is from ancient Greek, and means "the sound of wind through trees". I originally found the word on Pinterest, and at first it was just a neat title idea. Slowly, I began making connections between the word and my current work-in-progress, and eventually I merged the two.
There has been some question whether it is a good idea or not to publish a book with such an odd word for the title - will people remember it? Maybe not, seeing as the word is a bit difficult to pronounce. However, it has become synonymous with the book and the story itself, and to re-title it at this point would be to loose a bit of its character.

"Are you planning on self-publishing Psithurism or go through the traditional method of finding an agent, etc ?" -Joy

This is a difficult question, as I haven't altogether decided. Ideally, I would love to go the traditional route. However, my father has a friend or two in the publishing world, and we've come to terms with the fact that publishing a book traditionally no longer gets a book much more attention than self-publishing. This is partially due to the decline in general good literature being published these days and also the growing interest in self publication. It's been recommended to us to publish our books on our own, and when we've sold 10,000 copies, publish it with a publishing house. At that point, publishing it will be to grow an already solid audience.

All that said, I'm thinking I'll have to self-publish.
But I really do love the idea of traditional publishing.

"How long is your current wordcount for Psithurism?" -Joy

Psithurism is, at the moment, 93,438 words.

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