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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A real thorough introduction to all Psithurism's horses, as had been requested and promised on more than one occasion. My apologies for it's tardiness. :)

I hope no one was under the impression that I had a lot of horses in Psithurism. There are seven (so far - a new one may stop by to visit between now and the end of my writing), so it's nothing to laugh at, but most of these are not mentioned more than three or four times during the book. I thought I ought to make that clear. :)

For my beta readers: Some of these horses have been introduced since you read the book, and will therefore be new to you. :) All images are via Pinterest, and I own them in no way shape or form. They just look like my horses, coincidentally.

Greyfell - He's an old soft horse, with a coat as grey and simple as his name. Greyfell is mostly pretty kind, unless you give his master another horse. In such a case, he can be rather sulky and unlovable. He  has endured practically everything, so spooking him is no easy feat.

Carmella - Carmella is Favian's caramel-coloured thouroughbred, a simple but beautiful horse he purchased up in the Northern lands. She is very kind, and will let practically anyone ride her. She loves to ride fast when Favian will let her.

Eidelweiss - This is a palace horse that Adara rides for one portion of the book, a beautiful white mare without a single grey speckle to her coat. Eidelweiss hasn't endured much beyond the palace stables, and unruly conditions make her nervous. She likes to go at a slow trot; much more would be too exhausting to her slender limbs.

Nohea - He's a large, black stallion, with fiery eyes and ever-stomping hooves. He's taller and broader than any of the horses around him, built for war. Nohea doesn't like to stand still.

Sutton - Sutton's family and owner are unknown - he is a weak old stable horse, called Sutton since none know his real name. His coat is a dirty grey color, and his eyes dull. His tail hasn't been brushed or cleaned for as long as anyone can remember, since no one is there to do it. He was built for war, but war wasn't built for him.

Indira - This is Adara's palace horse, the one she rode since the pretty thing was only pony-sized. Indira is black and beautifully built, with piercing dark eyes.

Jovanna - Jovanna is Indira's mother, similarly built, but with gentler, older eyes. She is gentle and loyal, but will allow none to ride her but her master. All regard her with respect; she is the regal and aloof Queen-of-the-Stables.

And there you have it. Psithurism's horses, all nicely collected into one post. :)


  1. Narf! A whole post all to myself. Chiefly because I badgered you about it, but it does make me preen a little. These horses are beautiful, particularly Jovanna and Indira (black horses are always in style). Well, Sutton isn't exactly beautiful, but I'm sure he's got his own style of charm in his own way, once you get to know him. And wash him a little. Assuming he doesn't fall apart if you do that. Is the dirt keeping him together? I wonder...

    I love your names for them all! Edelweiss is particularly splendid; Jovanna: such a matrimonial sound; "Sutton" fits excellently, and you already know how I feel about Carmella.

    And now I am very tempted to do another horse post for Books To Come. Now look at what has happened.

    1. Glad you liked them! I was worried for a bit that my photos - plucked in the wee hours of the morning because that's what schoolwork does to blogging - were a bit boring. No dramatic flying horses here! :/
      Yes, I think poor Sutton might melt witch-style under soap and water. He's so used to all that dirt you know; a regular Pigpen by nature.
      I'd been wanting to use Edelweiss as a name for someone/something for so long that when the option arose, I grabbed it by the hair. And since then it's stuck. ;)

  2. What a beautiful post! I love horses, and all these pictures were enchanting. Lovely!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I'm a horse girl myself.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I actually have a horse painting above my couch in my living room. They are so beautiful.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

    1. Thanks Hannah! I can't lay claim on any of these as I found them all on Pinterest, but they were very helpful in pinpointing a certain look for the horses in my novel. :)


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