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Saturday, September 14, 2013

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I've seen a theme going around on several blogs I visit. The authors explain to the readers that they are not perfect (good, thank you, because sometimes we think you are) but then they go further into this self-deprication and glorification of life's "nitty-gritty" and "raw" and "artisan".

Well. Let it be hereby stated that I am not jumping on that train. Life is nitty-gritty enough on it's own. Why do we feel the need to glorify these shadowy patches? There is so much beauty to be shown - why aren't we lifting that up instead?

This leaks into my blog as well as my writing. I don't think it necessary to bog you readers down with constant talk about my personal life. A little here and there is necessary - heck, we want to know there's a living, breathing being behind the screen, and not some internet-robot - but is it really pleasant to read about everything someone has done, day-by-day? It needs to be stated...
Your readers don't care that much about your life.
It's true. As kind and friendly as readers are, they aren't your Mama, and therefore will not be there for you through everything. They are not invested in what you are doing to the point of reading all your life-posts (except for those few stalker-bloggers who don't have a life of their own, and instead live vicariously through others' blogs. But let's hope your not one of those people...or are you?).

I'm not saying your life shouldn't be messy. I'm just saying that while a little dose of messy in your blog is natural, all messy is uncomfortable and well...messy. When writing blog posts, we have the time and space to clean out the dust in a way we cannot in everyday life. Use it. It's there for a reason.

Life is beautiful; don't waste time on self-deprication and dusty corners.


  1. An excellent post, old bean! I have come to the same conclusion: of course, it helps that my life is drain-your-brain-out-your-eyeballs boring... Sure they like to know you're a living person, with personality and quirks, something to give a face to the blog. With a humorous twist, they like to hear about the absurdities of life. But everyone has enough misery in their life without you having to share yours. I suppose this falls under keeping one's own council as well.

    I've been thinking of another aspect of this verity, and now I think I will really get around to writing the post on it. Thank you, Bree! You're fantastic, as always.

    1. Thank you very much, Jenny! It's good to know I'm making sense here, with all these revolutionary new ideas. ;D
      Oh yes, going to Scotland is dreadfully drain-your-brain-out-your-eyeballs boring. You are very droll, you know. ^.^

      I'm interested to see what you've got up your sleeve! I love to be the sparkplug to other bloggers' posts.

    2. Bree and Jenny - sorry to eavesdrop, but 'going to Scotland is dreadfully drain-your-brain-out-your-eyeballs boring' made me crack a huge smile :D. Ha!

    3. Excellent post, Bree dear! I share much the same sentiments; though I oft' do fall into decrying the nitty-gritty murmurings of how difficult my writing is getting along (I should share more of the encouraging shades oftener) and I write whole paragraphs begging forgiveness for not blogging more regularly due to the tedious 'busy' four letter word in a way that surely bores most of my readers: but generally when I share personal 'darker shades' I hope it is the kind that would still steer however shakily towards our Lord and His comfort and strength, despite our weakness. At least I should hope so!

      My favourite blogs are those that are spiritually uplifting/challenging and thought-provoking or just plain interesting and helpful. If it is a blog of someone I am more acquainted with, infrequent 'trivia' posts can be really enjoyable. But I think, you put it so beautifully in the title of the post - beauty's testimony. We should share the praise-worthy and beautiful, and stop ranting out discouragements online, since after-all it is a responsibility as well as a privilege to be able to communicate our thoughts through the internet.

      In all things, we must give thanks. ^_^

    4. Thanks, Joy. :) A little nitty-gritty, as I mentioned, is never a bad thing. It's only when it gets to be the common theme of your blog that we as readers feel uncomfortable and would rather not visit. (But of course, you already know that. ;)

      I agree - and spiritually uplifting blogs make me feel that I am spending my blog reading time a bit more productively, rather than haunting someone else's life. I feel the same with writing blogs, but instead of inspiring me spiritually (they do do that as well, come to think of it...) they inspire me to better my writing. Which is always a good thing.


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