Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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I have gotten sidetracked a bit recently, posting a few things that offered themselves up so deliciously that I swerved from my even track of answering questions. Just to straighten and clean things up nice and even, I thought I'd go ahead and finish now. You should be forewarned; this post will veer towards the long side. If you wish to truly appreciate it, I'd recommend reading with a nice slot of time. All that aside...

How long have you been working on Psithurism? -AnnieJo Elizabeth
The novel started as a few chicken-scratshes in a notebook, the night of July 14, 2012. I had spare time and no current work-in-progress (a miracle, I tell you...) so I pulled out that notebook and started describing a woman who'd haunted my imagination and my pinterest boards alike. She swirled like coffee and creamer with the woman from church whom I previously mentioned, and suddenly I had a story at my feet. ;)

What is your target audience for Psithurism? -AnnieJo Elizabeth
I hope for Psithurism to be a good fairytale for a large age-range. However, due to the weightiness of a few topics in the book, it's lending itself to the 14-and-up category. I hope to reach all manner of people with Psithurism, seeing as it is somewhat allegorical/indirect, but I expect a mainly Christian audience. :)

What is Psithurism's theme? What are you trying to show people with this novel? -AnnieJo Elizabeth
One of the key themes of Psithurism is that love can far outweigh the triumph of fear, but more than that: that a woman cannot support herself indefinitely; she needs protectors in men.

Which, stated in simple language like that, sounds rather simple and perhaps a bit cheesy.

I hope to show people that Christian writing can be so much more than the Christian romance novels that everyone thinks of when you say you are writing a book. I want to shine light on perhaps a darker side of things, and reach into a world of ugliness and pull out something beautiful. I want to show my readers that, in Claude Michel-Schonberg's words, "Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise."

What is the religious-system in Psithurism?  -Joy
This is a difficult question, but I'm glad you've asked, Joy. In Psithurism, since it is in its own sphere, there is not exactly distinct "Christianity". Rather, like in Lewis' Narnia series (though I couldn't compare my works to his) I hope to portray Christianity in an allegorical way, with a Christ-figure whom some worship and some despise. His followers don't have a specific name, however, so as to simplify things a bit. :)

Who is the greatest villain in your book? -Joy
If I told you, you wouldn't have much reason to read the book, now would you? ;D

Do any of your characters originally come from within of our own planet earth? -Joy
Nope. Ardet is a bit of a stand-alone, with no connections whatsoever to our earth.


  1. Just found your blog--love connecting with other writers. Keep it up, that's so exciting!

  2. I'm so glad you've connected! Can't wait to get to know you better, friend. :)


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