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Saturday, October 05, 2013

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"The day is ending. It's time for something that was beautiful to turn into something else that is beautiful. Now, let go." -Elizabeth Gilbert
Well. Things have been quiet around here lately, haven't they? I feel like I don't have too much to say; and being that my writing is at a dreadful bit of a standstill, I'm not sure how much this can really change right now. But I figured an all-around update was due, a personable "yes-I'm-actually-talking-to-you" post, all writing tips and snippets and fanshy stuffs aside. I've said before that I don't like a blog to focus too much on the author herself, but sometimes a writer needs to bare her heart.

I have been feeling most hideously uninspired where blogging and yes, writing are concerned. My free time has been spent designing (the business is good, but one can only design so many blogs at a time before she begins to loose inspiration). I've also been drawing a good deal more, but I've wasted a lot of good time on Pinterest, to be brutally honest. I wish it was possible to remove oneself from the internet all at once, and only pop back in when there was something important to say. But it doesn't work that way, you see, and when you return, there aren't many people left to listen to you. 

I suppose in that aspect, the internet is much like real life...

I've been spending too much time on the trivial things, and not enough time in the important things. Writing. Reading the Scriptures. Praying. Praising. My moments are consumed in DIY's and well...fangirling. I'm wasting my time. 

Honesty is the best policy, as they say, and if I'm totally honest, I know why I'm not inspired. The only book I've consistently been reading is The Great Gastby (I finished it two days ago, actually) and that isn't exactly a flourishing read. I've read small sections of Rachel Heffington's Fly Away Home here and there, but since it's not yet in print, I have to read it on the computer and I don't like to stare at a screen too long. (Psst. It's really quite marvelous. I always feel inspired after reading that. :)

More books need to be read before I will feel like writing. Technically, I ought to be outlining Gumusservi so that NaNoWriMo isn't a complete mess...but I just don't feel like doing it, which is really a wretched, awful feeling. There was one point in this past week where I felt like I was devoting myself so much to scholastic writing that I'd forgotten to enjoy creative writing. Both styles will suffer if I don't pick up the pieces and start working my brain to a further imaginative level. 

I don't want this to be a complaining woe-is-me blog. I do want to put this out there, though, for those of you willing to listen. The statement that you can't write unless you read has never been more real. It's time I tried a little harder for the things that matter, and forget about those that don't. 

Who's with me?


  1. Dear Bree, I don't tend to care for too many 'depressing' sort of posts about the blog-writer's life (including myself!), but sometimes, it just seems so right to read a post like yours, especially when I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way as you have been lately!!

    I have been wasting far too much time over Pinterest lately as well (you may have noticed!), dragged into the trivial things (such as internet and obsessing over favourite movies etc,...) and not giving time for what REALLY matters... for prayer and reading God's Word - more diligent study and application of goals, and in-depth reading to inspire me in what I am writing (I HAVE finished reading Surprised By Joy, North and South and Kidnapped and working on finishing a devotional book, With Christ in the School of Prayer - but that's been it for a while, really). I have inspiration for my writing, but when I come to sit down and write in A Love that Never Fails, something falls flat and I keep wondering WHAT I am writing about... something I have learnt over the years of writing is when one's own spiritual life is fragile and lukewarm, or when one's depth of intellectual and emotional food is lax (as in good reading/watching/music material and the affects of daily life) has such a huge impact to the negative on what one writes and creates - because The Lord is the author of inspiration and creativity and when we stray, our inspiration and imagination is messed up and worldly, not cleansed by the Word and prayer. This is something I've felt strongly convicted by these days, and I really want to get back to a more fresh walk with the Lord, time spent soaking up on the beautiful and meaningful things of life and learning the things that count.

    I am really touched and challenged by how you're being honest in this, Bree, and your desire to change... I want to do the same. May we draw closer to the Lord Jesus and labour the work of love =).

  2. You don't know how comforting it is to hear that I'm not alone, Joy. :)
    Pinterest is something of a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing at times; when used properly, it's extremely helpful (hello storyboards!) but at other times it is a pure waste of time. :P
    Our spiritual lives are such a large part of our writing, that sometimes I wonder how non-Christian authors manage to get a good piece out. But then, we all have some belief-system, even Athiests. And I suppose God uses them in His ways as well, however mysterious they seem to us. ;)

    Let's sharpen each other, as iron sharpens iron, yes? That's what I want blogging to be, for me: a place where friends can lift up other friends, and push each other to a higher goal.
    No piddling for me, Sir!

    1. You are not alone, Bree dear <3 :p... YES! I agree about how amazingly linked up our Christian life is with our writing. Hmm, yes I've puzzled over how non-Christians can ever write anything that has much beauty, but I think you've rightly touched on God's mysterious ways!

      Oo, I so agree - that's what I hope blogging can be for us, to sharpen each other :).
      ... I am ignorant from where this quote reference comes from. Care to enlighten me, pretty please? :)

    2. Actually, I wasn't quoting anything. Just being silly. ^.^


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