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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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I was supposed to be working on a Beautiful People post this afternoon, but after staring at the previously typed words, and the space for more, I felt more like writing this instead. So.

Why One Does Not Simply "Write When She Feels Like It"
This is something of a dead-horse-topic. (Hence the title). And perhaps that's why I like it so much: that we as writers cannot write only when we feel like writing. But let me backtrack a piece.

Inspiration, as we are well aware, loves to run off into the proverbial sunset and quite frankly doesn't want to return. Some of us take it as it is, and work with it because it's not really going to change. (Some of us pull out our hair over it, but I won't get into that.) We have various methods of making Inspiration return (blackmail, neck-wringing, you get the idea) or we sit about patiently and read books until he returns. Because he's got to at some point. And in the meantime we leave our pens dormant, the ink cakeing on the nib and the quill collecting dust like anyone's cobwebs.

This is the point in which one's writing deteriorates. Which, if I'm quite perfectly honest, is what happens to my writing a good deal too often during the school months. I really only end up writing what I want to write 1 hour per week consistently. (I do, however, spend several hours on academic writing.) I can hardly at this point call myself a practicing writer, and I'm not - I'll never be - "alright" with that. In order for anyone to improve her writing (and this really goes for any sort of writing, not simply fictional/novel writing) is practice.

Oh, we've heard it enough that the words are more of a 50th repetition than new light. In fact, it probably doesn't have much of a result on us at this point, now does it? The desire is somewhat lost.

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." -Matthew 5:13

If we loose our vigor, our desire to better our writing, our writing looses it's desire to be written. The plots collect dust on a shelf, the characters age and move along, and the talents we spent time on crumble to pieces. What must be done to renew that fire?

In order to begin to write well again, one must first return to her inspiration. Prayer does something nothing else can: because God is the one who gives us our writing abilities, it only makes sense to take them back to him when we falter.
When a writer has prayed and cleared her mind, dumped her burdens into the seas and listened to the words of her Savior, practice is all that is left. And practice, though teeth-pulling in the beginning - and yes, all the way through - is the only way to improve your writing. A dormant writer makes around as much sense as a genteel cat.

What's all this to say? I'm slowly accepting the fact that I won't get near as much writing done during the school year because that's life and he wasn't cut out to be an obliging fellow. But I'm also realizing that I need to push myself more that I am - I use the "busy" excuse entirely too often, when in reality I just don't feel like writing. November doesn't allow that sort of lethargic behavior, however, so I've pulled out my feather duster and I intend to use the month to it's utmost: which includes abandoning the internet. I won't be on any social media sites for the month, save an occasional NaNo update here on the blog, keeping in touch via email, and only-if-absolutely-necessary-pinterest-peeks at my Finding My Balance board, for inspiration alone. (I'm turning comment moderation off for the month so all of y'all can chat without my assistance. :) It will be (hopefully) be a much-needed respite from the world and it's craziness in general. It will also cut out more writing-time, something always needed. :)

In the meantime, I've got a couple of very good guest posters premiering--keep an eye out for their lovely posts. See you in December, friends - and be good while I'm gone! ;)

**UPDATE: I'll also be updating the little NaNoMeter at the top of this page so those of you not on the NaNoWriMo website can still keep up with how things are progressing.**


  1. At the risk of sounding like every other blogger out there, I needed this. But I didn't just need it today; I need it every day, to yank me back to the path when I've wandered away to pick flowers elsewhere. When the desire to write isn't there, when my salt has been swallowed in the sea and I need it back in full, when vigor has passed away and left apathy in its place. Inspiration is too fickle a creature to wait on. We pray first and foremost; then we pick up our pens and write.

    I love you, Bree-hee-hinny-brinny-hooey-hah. ^.^

  2. I needed this. From the midst of writing as my main focus in life right now I'm struggling to keep inspired and on track when writers block hits and my entire day or week of writing has to be scrapped. Thank you! (And have fun with NaNo)

  3. good luck with nanowrimo!
    xx Riley


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