Chatterbox: Coffee

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Our darling Rachel Heffington has come up with a new monthly event, Chatterbox. Essentially, the writer grabs a few of her characters and lets them chatter about the months topic. It doesn't have to be long or fancy. It's short, sweet, witty, and fun. (And if you like it, you can weave it into your novel!). This month's topic is coffee.

Rachel, you're a genius.

Since I'll be spending a month in the heads of some certain new characters from the cast of Finding My Balance, I thought it would be interesting to let these two banter back and forth. Scarlett is a girl after my own heart, and Damien was inspired by someone I've known for a few years now, with a twist of my own adding. He's quite a handful, but very fun. :)

"I can't go a morning without tea." It was an obvious statement, not to be trifled with. Scarlett tipped the thermos to her lips and guzzled a few gulps as if to prove the point.
"What about coffee?" Damien wanted to know. "Does that count?" He too had a thermos, most likely filled with the substance in question.
"Oh no." Scarlett's words were dramatic now. "Coffee is quite different. Better for the afternoon, in my opinion."
"And why?"
"Well, its stronger - better suited for keeping off the after-lunch sleeps. I'd rather be awakened by the gentle soothing of a mug of tea in the morning than the sharp sword of a cup of coffee."
"There I have to disagree. Coffee does a better job at waking me up." He now downed a swig from the thermos - unquestionably full of coffee - with no shame.
"Ah, but how strong do you take it?" Scarlett was reluctant to admit her theory flouted.
"Mostly pretty strong, with a good dose of cream and sugar."
"Mm." It was almost like a snub, and she sipped her tea daintily. "I drink mine black." Her eyes, now catlike and playful watched his face, calculating.
"Death in a cup!" he laughed, scratching his chin. But Mrs. Luzader began passing out quizzes like some sort of death warrant, and Scarlett didn't get a chance to reply.
"Hmph," she sniffed, gurgling her tea comfortingly like a cheshire licking his wounds.


  1. Very cozy, Bree. ^.^ So glad this Chatterbox thing is taking off. I do so love to be an instigator.

    1. And we do so love when you instigate. ;)

  2. "DEATH IN A CUP."

    Sorry, Damien, you're wrong. The human body was not meant to digest coffee at an early hour. Tea is much more palatable. So there.

    Very good, as always, Bree! I greatly enjoyed the character interaction and especially the descriptions of their body language - cat's eyes indeed!

    1. In case it wasn't clear, Scarlett's opinion on coffee is exactly my own. (Ahem Damien, looks like you're wrong because Jenny's pronounced you wrong. My apologies. ;)

      I'm glad you liked it! Cats and their ways seem to sneak into my writing uninvited, but I'm quite alright with that.

  3. So, can anyone just do this? Start their characters talking on their blog?

  4. Haha, I love this. Coffee is one of my favourite drinks (specifically the same way that Damien drinks his), and this post made me smile. :)
    xx, Bailey

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome, though I would prefer to be called Annie-Jo. (I understand how it might not look that way from how I've set my name up.)
      And I just realised your main character is named Scarlett. So is mine!

  6. I love this - and I'm with Damien ;)


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