September Snippets & An Update

Monday, October 21, 2013

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Bother - I am rather late with these. But better late than never, as the line runs, yes? Last months writing was all over the place, I'm afraid; I have snippets from Psithurism, Gumusservi,  and even a bit of Finding My Balance (the latter are literally only snippets - the scenes to which they belong I have yet to write in full). But before we get into that, I've a few things that must be said.
It seems I keep intending to get back to a more regular blogging schedule, and then something jumps in the way. For example, we celebrated three birthdays jointly this weekend (mine included) which had a way of making any other plans impossible. But we had a marvelous time, and here I am, back at you all a week later than I intended, but just as hopeful as ever. I suppose that's life for ya. 

Psst...we watched The Fellowship of The Ring! And we fully intend to finish The Two Towers sometime soon. I know you all have been telling me to watch these movies for so long, that I'd feel silly not telling you. :)

Finally, with NaNoWriMo looming straight ahead, I realized that, as usual, I've waited until the last minute to scrape up guest posters for the month of November. You'd think that by my fourth year doing NaNo, I'd be somewhat more organized. Hrm. If anyone is interested, I'd love if you'd shoot me an email ( - I believe I've already directly contacted a few of you, but I'm so terribly good at forgetting that I thought I'd open up the playing ground for all.

And now for the snippets!

"“What’s with you two? Having a blushing tournament?” Rune sauntered into the room, breaking my gaze easily.
“Rune!” Kaitlyn exclaimed, eyes flung up to his face.
“You little-” I began, before Rune cut me off.
“Genius?” He laughed as though nothing was wrong, flinging a metal fixture of some sort onto his bed and rubbing his hands on a greasy rag. “Look here, I’ve fixed the leak.” He grinned like some sort of fool." -Gumusservi

“It’s Agapeto, actually,” I replied to some degree of nonchalance. I scrambled down into the dank space, and waited a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. “And you know,” I continued, following in the direction of her voice to the servants bunks, “you can call me Peto.” -Gumusservi

"“But you belong here . . . Kate.” We were in the private of this library with but the dancing figures on the bed tapestry and the fat carven cherubs of marble to hear; no one would know he had not used my proper title." -Gumusservi

"“Would you want your past wiped away, replaced with something starched and proper before you could see it?”  I flicked around to face Rune, my eyes finding his quickly. I wasn’t angry, but I was firm. Sometimes Rune could be frightfully dull." -Gumusservi

"The wind swept through the mourning willows crisply, and the brittle crunching of a hundred and one brooms sweeping the streets echoed in my ears as I flung open the bedroom window and stuck out my suffocating head." -Psithurism

"Love was a slow, aching pain that would not arrive nor leave in a timely fashion, and had a stubborn way of showing up at all the wrong moments." -Psithurism

"His name is marked on the soul of man; you could not escape him if you tried." -Psithurism

"It was not uncommon to find a girl wearing her shirt like a sweater, or with a single legwarmer raked all the way up to her thigh to ward off a pulled muscle. Each condition, each dancer was different, but there was a similarity strung like a shoe-ribbon through all of them: they danced, and this required an entirely different way of life." -Finding My Balance

“Good luck with that audition then,” Damien called after her at the door, but she refused to turn around and give him the benefit of a last glance." -Finding My Balance


  1. "Love was a slow, aching pain that would not arrive nor leave in a timely fashion, and had a stubborn way of showing up at all the wrong moments." My favorite.

    1. I have to say - it may just be my favorite too. ;)

  2. Ah ha, we get a glimpse of your new work in progress! I particularly liked your description of how each dancer is different, and at the same time, sharing the similarity of the dancing life, they are all different together from any other profession. I am looking forward to getting an inside look at that kind of life. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes! I'm excited to combine my two loves, wordcrafting and dancing. I only hope they'll marry happily. ;)

  3. Beautiful snippets, Bree =). I have to say that from when I first followed your blog and read bits of your writing to the snippets you share now, I am amazed at how far along you've journeyed in your writing. Your writing is so good! I love all these snippets, dear =). Very, very good <3 :)). I can't choose a favourite, really. Though I think I am having a real fancy for Gumusservi

    Keep up the great writing ^_^. Ooo, and I am so thrilled, thrilled thrilled you are watching the Lord of the Rings movies long at last. Oh joy! And you like them too - that is wonderful. Yes, very.

    Also, I think I just may shoot you an email about NaNoWriMo since I was meaning to ask YOU to guest-post on my blog with my blogging break as I join NaNo as well. But maybe it would be fun if we made it mutual and you wrote a guest-post for my blog and I did for yours. Hmm, i will email you and we can talk things over =).

    Happy Birthday! So how old are you now, if I may so boldly ask?

    1. Thanks, Joy - I really appreciate your encouragement. :)
      I'm meaning to reply to your guest post email today - a blog post swap seems just the thing. ^_^
      I don't usually like to post my age on the internet where all can see, as I feel I'll lose respect. The internet is a tricky place, and most people my age have a way of humiliating themselves - therefore giving us poor connotation. Blerg.
      But I don't like to conceal things either; I turned fifteen on October 20th. :)

  4. Such beautiful words! But you make me impatient to read more!

    Happy Birthday! (Wow, fifteen, really? I'm the same age, and that's pathetic because I can't write one tenth that well!)

    1. Thank you, Madi! But I'm sure you are gifted in other areas that I am not. ;)


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