This Is Why I Journal//Guest Post by Liza Morales

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"One little girl stood out to me at the dump. I served her food with a 'buenas' and got 'gracias' in return - never asked her name, or anything. She looked about nine or ten years old, had a bright personality and a hop in her step and was wearing a High School Musical shirt. She looked, talked, and smiled just like Caroline. The thought in my mind there was How Easily She Could've Been Caroline. But my sister is home - probably at swim practice or rehearsal - wearing clean clothes, hair washed, full tummy. This girl, with the same smile and pouffy ponytail, however, is eagerly enjoying her meal of beans…a nice break from picking through the filthy trash." - July 10, 2012 // Day Four

"There was this one sweet lady whose hands and legs were crippled, her body is giving out, but she smiled at us and held out her hand to Amber. Instead of a handshake like Amber expected, she gave her the 'Nica' handshake/greeting: side high five, fist pump, thumb tap. It was so cute, so unexpected, so funny - love it. Her name is Teresita. Joy, in a dark place. Beauty from ashes. That seems to be a theme on this trip. Grace in sin. Mercy. Power. Humility. All these things. But mainly joy." - July 13, 2012 // Day Seven

"I saw something so touching out there [the train station] today it makes my eyes tear up when I think about it. There was a young lady - I thought she looked early-mid twenties, but most young people here are much younger than they look, so I really have no idea. Anyway. She was walking on the road in front of the station with an adorable baby on one hip, holding the hand of a three or four year old. They stopped as a young man in jeans and a baseball hat walked up to them. The two started talking, and during the conversation the guy was very gently, very sweetly playing with the baby. Then the girl licked her finger and reached out to wipe something off the guy's chin. They spoke another minute, then he walked away, his hand lingering on her arm, then the baby's head. I have no idea who these people are - whether they are a couple, whether that's their baby, how old they are…I don't know. But it was, to me, a beautiful little picture of life and love in the midst of such…challenging circumstances." - July 13, 2012 // Day Seventeen

These moments were captured in my little flowered notebook - a notebook now affectionately dubbed "the Nica journal." Therein lies recorded (in various colored metallic gel pens) the saga of my month in the beautiful yet broken city of Granada, Nicaragua. I'm a journaller, have been for nearly a decade. Sometimes my entries aren't the most interesting or thought provoking, but then, sometimes stories unfold in such a way that they strike a chord whenever you read them over.

These moments were such moments.

It is for these moments that I continue to journal.

I encourage you, fellow writers - journal your life. Record the stories. Record the memories. In some ways, it captures what even a photograph cannot: how you felt when the moment happened. Life slips away so fast - a journal is a time capsule that reminds you of what made your heart sing in days gone by. Journal….because life is short.

Liza is a musician, actress, and author residing in the beautiful state of Virginia. Her one desire in life is be a faithful reflection of the Savior Who won her heart, and to be His hands and feet in the world - whatever the cost and wherever that leads. She is a lover of all things beautiful, and it's the little things in life that make her smile…little things such as peppermint, candles, tea parties, ice skating, babies, plaid, summer, books, flannel, football, fuzzy socks and chocolate.

you can find her at her blog, scraps, or on Instagram: misslizajanem


  1. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to post here, Bree! It's an honor ;)

    1. It was a pleasure to have you, as always, Liza. :)


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